Helena Financial: An Auto-Compounding DeFi 3.0 Protocol On BSC

Helena Financial is an auto-compounding DeFi 3.0 protocol on BSC which was launched on April 9, 2022.

What is Helena Financial?

Helena Financial, a new protocol for, aims to redefine the DeFi space with its advanced AutoStaking and AutoCompounding methods. The project provides alternative monetary concepts to focus on maximizing stable returns and simplifying the staking process. Until recently, $HELENA has been the most simple auto-staking protocol in the DeFi market.

Helena NFT Zone’s first product, which will include Random NFT Box Openings along with an NFT Staking protocol with BUSD payouts (80% Common, 15% Rare, 4% Epic, 1% Legendary), is set to be released in June 2020.


1. AutoStaking and Compounding

 The native utility token of the project, $HELENA auto stakes and auto compounds directly in the holder’s wallet. As a result, buying $HELENA removes any mandatory step to move their tokens from your wallet. The tokens you receive are staked and set up to earn rebase rewards right away.

2. The Highest “DAO Governed” APY in BSC

Unlike other projects that offer a minimal APY, Helena Financial offers its holders a return of up to 1,000,365% APY with no central authority involved. Over the next 45 days, the APY will be changed in accordance with the Supply Control Policy after which DAO governance assumes control of the payout plan.

3. Ultra Fast Rebases

With the DeFi sector filled with staking protocols that distribute rebasing rewards after eight hours, Helena Financial offers rebase rewards with a much smaller epoch 15-minute rebase period) — 96 times a day, becoming the fastest AutoStaking protocol in the crypto industry.

4. Rug-pull security

In the times when there is a flood of rug-pull cases, Helena financial ensures the prevention of such a situation by the following measures:

KYC by the Gold Standard in crypto, AssureDeFi

CertiK Audit to maintain the highest contract security standard possible.

Auto LP Lock by CoinTool for one year after the presale is over.

Anti-Dump / Anti-Whale Measures

No Team Tokens

No Minting Code

5. Random Golden Epochs

Golden Epochs will begin to appear at random periods once the 45 days of Genesis Month passes and Helena Protocol adopts the DAO Governed APY, enhancing consecutive epoch awards by up to 100%.

6. The Hellenic Trust Fund

The trust fund covers 4% to 10% of the total trading fees, which is crucial for sustaining staking rewards with price stability maintenance and downside risk reduction.

The Hellenic Trust Fund will also support new reward pools in the Helena NFT Zone and Helena Club House, bringing new and exciting projects into the system.

7. Auction Bonding

Helena Financial has also introduced the concept of Auction Bonding to the crypto space to create another source of income for The Hellenic Trust Fund.  The brand new approach will be released after the Genesis Period. There are two types of bonds for auction by the protocol with different round timers:

The AngeL Bond: It is set to receive 5% of the unlocked tokens in the Auction Bonding Wallet.

The Nemesis Bond: It is set to receive 10% of the unlocked tokens in the Auction Bonding Wallet.

The round timer will be reset to 15 minutes by the last bidder. If no one bids more than the top bidder within that 15-minute timeframe, the auction will be won by the last bidder, who will get the bond.

Following the conclusion of each auction round, the next round will begin automatically in 2 hours. Earned bonds will be paid out immediately, and they can be fully cashed within 5 days.

8. Impulsive Supply Control

The Impulsive Supply Control, a programmed symbolic consumption paradigm, is a hugely interesting feature of Helena Financial. It keeps flowing stockpiles from becoming uncontrollable due to unexpected fluctuations. The Hellenic Trust Fund manages the supply control mechanism with a burn schedule adjusted weekly. 

The key advantage of an everlasting circulating supply burn is that it is deflationary, resulting in a better value for the $HELENA token. 

9. Nemesis Network dAPP Integrations and Revenue Generating Streams

Any tokenization model needs a real-world use case to survive and Helena Network knows that. Helena has plans to host a series of fun, theoretical games inside the highly anticipated Helena NFT Zone and Helena Club House for continuous excitement and utility.

How is Helena Financial different from its competitors?

$HELENA Tokenomics

$HELENA is the native utility token of Helena Financial built on the BEP20 network. It has an initial supply of 500,000 tokens to reward its holders with automatic passive interest rates every 15 minutes.



Helena Financial aims to be at the top of the DeFi 3.0 industry by bringing ultra fast rebases, gaming, NFTs, and much more for investors. The project has already been launched on April 9, 2022. To participate in the DAO, check out the links below:





Source : bsc.news

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