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BSC_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome, how are you guys today?

MaverickHP: Thanks for having us here today! And big hello to the BSC Daily community.

Jesse: Yes hello everyone !! Good day for an AMA.

BSC_Daily Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

MaverickHP: Let’s fire it up!

Jesse: Yep.

Q1: Now to start the AMA, team Healing Potion please have a quick introduction to the community.

MaverickHP: Voice message: t.me/bsc_daily/160586

Hello all, Moonmonkey (Jesse) & Maverick (Dave) from Healing Potion, thank you for the opportunity to chat with the community today! We are excited to be here and answer any questions about Healing Potion. We are going to try and use both text and voice messages during this AMA, if you need any additional info please let us know we are always happy to chat!

Q2: Please share with us the background of the team behind this project. What are your past experiences?

Jesse: Myself and Dave are 34 years old. We have a professional background primarily in Real Estate.

Dave is a co-founder and director of a successful Real Estate management company in Australia that started from nothing and now manages a portfolio worth half a billion dollars.

Dave is still active as a director leading that successful real estate company, as well investing in other ventures, is an avid investor and crypto trader.

Over the years Dave has had his fair share of trials and tribulation in business which has produced the man you see today, a guy with a high-level business acumen, resilience and foresight. He is a brilliant leader and director, which is constantly expressed in his level of work ethic, and his innovative output for Healing Potion Token.


I have worked mostly in residential sales as a fully licensed agent, with my last official full-time position outside of my entrepreneurial path 4 years ago, I was the acquisitions director of a successful start-up company – the Australian Property Planners Association (APPA). I am highly skilled at negotiating, team management, marketing and strategy.

Leaving the industry to carve out my own entrepreneurial pathway in life, trialing new business ventures like importing coffee, cosmetics and e-commerce, I found my way into trading full-time, and have developed a high depth of understanding on the markets/crypto.


Our developers and core team are a highly skilled (mid-30s) group of professionals coming from leadership roles in prominent real-world companies. Their capacity for developing premium products in the crypto space is fast becoming recognised by the BSC network, and by the niche developer networks that we work alongside.    

Together we are a formidable team shaking things up in the BSC space. A space and community craving a project that adds infrastructure and credibility. That’s what HPPOT provides the market.

Voice Message: t.me/bsc_daily/160594

Q3: As we all know, every project has a few stories behind the scenes; so what made you decide to build your project and choose the name Healing Potion?

MaverickHP: Voice Message: t.me/bsc_daily/160601

Q4: What makes Healing Potion different from other competitors? Kindly list down some key features.

Jesse: I am an investor and a trader. So just like you I am left with the delemer of trying to define what makes a project unique and special. But I have the unique privilege and vantage point that a lot of investors don’t have. I have the privilege of being a director at Healing Potion, which has given me an unfair advantage that has me on the right side of price action, while 90% of the market is not.

1 of these critical aspects that dictates a project’s success, and one of the most powerful and relevant for a new project is the project’s ability to manage cash flow. In particular, generate revenue.

This is incredibly hard to accomplish in this space without cannibalizing your holdings. Failure to achieve this will mean you can devour your holdings and make the venture a complete waste of time. Some project developers see that there is no light at the end of their tonnel, and sell out (rug), despite their initial intentions were not mal intent.

This situation is a key contributor as to why “rugs” are so frequent.

We have addressed this issue in a number of ways by generating multiple streams of revenue that we then reinvest into the project;

– Marketing, where we have the luxury trialing new methods to reach new markets

– Product development, hiring new developers, artist and any contractors we need to complete unique tasks

– Exchange listing fees

– Consultants/advisors

Revenue streams are;

Our Telegram community Bot – Golem (no other bot like it in the marketplace)

Brewlabs – Smart-contract Auditing, engineering and development, bridging, pegged tokens, etc.

(soon) Bot Yard – first of its kind open market palace for Telegram Bots

Our revenue alone gives us an immediate advantage in the marketplace and sets us apart from the competition, and is a critical feature I am proud to say we offer our holders.

Here is some info regarding our bot in the

Voice Message: t.me/bsc_daily/160607

Q5: Can you walk us through your 2021 Product line?

MaverickHP: The Golem is live and is active in approximately 25 channels across TG, it is in some considerable communities during their peak such as safemoon cash, Tiki, Ghostface to name a few, there are plenty of functions in this product that are new to the space, its dynamic and innovative, you can probably use it in this channel for you amas. The bot includes some really cool tools for your community including price, ama, social (captures all your latest posts about the project) and an awesome captcha that will provide info from whereabouts your community members are joining from.

We have a video available for you to check too right here www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hjQHZrCftg

I might add we do offer custom bot builds.

Moving onto the Bot yard, again this is a new concept to the space which is a few weeks away from launch. We are just working on the logo and background image. bot-yard-beta.netlify.app/ here is the local. There are approximately 500M telegram users across this platform. There are a number of bots in this platform that communities utilise, there are trading bots in crypto, there are sniping bots, you name it there are bots for it these days, so with that said we decided to create a bot marketplace where bot vendors can list their various bots for sale in one spot. Currently there is no platform like this, it is essentially the first bot marketplace for TG. We will continue with some small updates before we go onto the botyard.tools domain but watch this space this platform will be the goto platform for bots in TG. HPPOT will feature on this platform by means of a voting mechanism, we will order bots (that are not featured in advertising) placed on their votes, to vote you will need to hold $15 of HPPOT. Similar to websites like coinsniper but instead you need to hold HPPOT.

From our Brewlabs product line we have an upcoming unibridge due to be deployed any week now. We have finished the smart contracts and a placeholder front end. This dApp is crucial to our utility ecosystem and will launch with access to matic, trx, kcc, bsc and eth. The bridge will offer a gateway to explore cross-chain possibilities for many BSC-based projects initially. We have the ability to deploy pegged tokens for any project looking to explore cross-chain. This bridge will also offer HPPOT holders a 50% discount on any transfer fees when using the bridge!

We have also successfully launched the Brewlabs Services Hub which offers smart contract security and logic audits, pegged token deployment, contract engineering and a range of other consulting and marketing services. We are soon opening our Bridge for Brewlabs as mentioned previously, once deployed we will move onto our next dApp, the furnace which is a new concept allowing bulk transfer of tokens to the dead address. You will be able to rid your wallet of any tokens you do not want to hold by use of the furnace. The furnace will also identify dust attack scams for you. Shortly after the furnace release we hope to deploy our liquidity locking platform the Freezer! Check out more here brewlabs.tools

Most importantly our products are designed to generate income for the project without dev/marketing taxes which benefits holders as they are receiving the full transactional tax of 7% reflections. Many other projects do not get to this stage, we are now a registered earning business offering services and products both online and soon to be locally. The devs work exceedingly hard, donating a lot of the revenue generated from Brewlabs and Golem back into the project.

More of a fun community tag along we also have a real-world consumer product that you can purchase, our Healing Potion drinks. You can find out more about those here cloakroombar.co/melbourne/shop/

Jesse: t.me/bsc_daily/160614

Q6: Let’s dive into your token. Can you share with us your tokenomics? What are the use cases? Does it get audited?

MaverickHP: Firstly the smart contract for HPPOT has been audited by Dessert Finance with no issues found. You can find a link to that audit on our website. We are also fully doxxed as the project leaders and we have incorporated an Australian company behind the project.

The tokenomics for the project are as follows. 1000T minted, 30% initial burn, 12% tax on buy/sell which is made up fo 7% reflections to holders and 5% LP contributions.

The upcoming use cases are broad, for now we are still developing out platforms but HPPOT will become a core component of both the bot yard and Brewlabs as discussed above. We also plan to offer free discounts on furnace and freezer whilst holding HPPOT. There are also staking pools on the way for HPPOT as well.

Voice Message: t.me/bsc_daily/160625

Jesse: We are a registered Australian company.

Q7: Let’s talk about partnerships & influencers that you are collaborating with.

Jesse: I think it’s important to first recognize that we are not doing this on our own. Through our business experience over the years we have learned that the most efficient way to progress through any particular market is through securing strong relationships and networks. This is something that people don’t recognize or have the capacity to do so.

Our key partnerships and joint ventures involve other projects like Kodi, which is a media marketing crypto project (worth checking out), onboarding companies and consultants such as chainadoption.io

YouTubers like Crypto Zeus, Tyler Hill and many more.

As we become more established in the market, list on exchanges like Whitbit (tomorrow), we are able to prove ourselves and hold credibility to high-end YouTubers that now see us as a valuable project to present to their subscribers. New doors are opening and the future looks very bright as we gear up to reach the broader market.

Voice Message: t.me/bsc_daily/160633

Q8: Can you share your Roadmap in the next 6 months?

MaverickHP: Sure can

Voice Message: t.me/bsc_daily/160638

Refine webpage further

Competitions for Artists

Continue viral marketing campaign

Open staking pools for HPPOT

Launch the MOONFORGE!

List on FEGEX

Release Brewlabs Bridge

Release first Healing Potion Franchise Contract

Deploy Brewlabs Furnace

Deploy Brewlabs Freezer

Explore additional CEX listings

Explore cross-network capabilities

Explore gaming possibilities

Pair with creative industry for capital raising ventures providing bag holders with opportunity to fund indie or homebrew creative projects

Explore creative artist donations

Explore Brewlabs Token Release

Q9: Where can we find out more about Healing Potion on social media?

Jesse: Voice Message: t.me/bsc_daily/160644

Voice Message: t.me/bsc_daily/160644


BSC_Daily Admin: With this, we are now at the end of our AMA session with Healing Potion.

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

MaverickHP: Thanks for everyone who joined today for the AMA. If you would like to know more about our project please visit healingpot.info

Big shout out to the HPPOT community for your ongoing support!

BSC_Daily Admin: Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for HealingPotion.

Source : cryptodaily.io

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