Hashland and CoinMarketCap Partnered Up For Airdrop Promo

A total of 100,000 US Dollars worth of HashLands Coin ($HC) will be up for grabs.

Hashland and CoinMarketCap Collaboration Airdrop

HashLand partnered with CoinMarketCap collaborated for an airdrop of their native token $HC for the promotion of their Hash Warfare game release.

The official twitter account of HashLand, a Play to Earn NFT protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain network, announced a partnership with CoinMarketCap, a famous price tracking website in the cryptocurrency space, for a promotional airdrop release of 100,000 US Dollars worth of their $HC token. The announcement was made on November 25, and included a link to a Medium post with instructions on how to participate in the promo for the release of Hash Warfare.

“#AIRDROP ALERT! Hashwarfare will be released in 20 days,$100K worth of $HC is up for grabs exclusively on!@CoinMarketCap There can only be 3000 winners, don’t miss out!” HashLand tweeted out.


To participate in the Airdrop that will run from November 25 to December 10, interested players must complete various simple tasks. 

On CoinMarketCap, participants should add HashLand Coin to their watchlist. The next step is following, joining, and subscribing to the different social media channels of HashLand. Including:



Telegram group 

Telegram channel  

Youtube channel 

To end the registration process, participants should fill up the Airdrop form on the HashLand Coin CoinMarketCap page with their social media details, their BSC wallet address, and follow CoinMarketCap’s social media pages as well. 

What is HashLand?

HashLand describes itself as the “Synthesizer of Digital Ownership and Foundational Assets.” Their upcoming game, Hash Warfare, is a mixture of DeFi and NFT mechanics that allow players to own their assets. According to their whitepaper, the game will have a PvP, PvE, and GvG or Guild vs Guild game mode. Hash Warfare also features four classes of Hero NFTs that you can upgrade – MT(Cavalryman), Gul’dan (Mage), Hunter(Assassin), and Lady(Paladin). 

Check out their Website, Discord, or Medium, for more details.

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