HappyLand GameFi Rises in Ranks After Solid First Week

The protocol has made a bright start in the GameFi space after a successful mainnet launch.

Bullish GameFi Status 

Following a successful mainnet launch on January 31st, HappyLand has continued its steady development on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The GameFi protocol’s reward token ($HPW) has shown no signs of plummeting after listing on PancakeSwap. 

HappyLand announced the PancakeSwap listing of HPW at $0.035 on January 30th through Twitter. Fast Forward to this writing, HPW is up by three times its listing price, trading at $0.138. Over the last seven days, the token’s rapid rise also accompanied the protocol’s Land Non-fungible Token (NFT) sale on Babylons NFT marketplace. 


The PlayToEarn GameFi protocol’s NFT sale on Babylons is its second Land NFT sale after the first Happy Land sale of 2000 boxes started and ended on January 26th. The second NFT Sale on Babylons commenced on February 2nd, and buyers and sellers are eligible to receive $BABI tokens. BABI is Babylons’ native token. 

Most recently, on February 1st, the PlayToEarn (P2E) protocol was featured in Gametaverse’s tweet. According to Gametaverse’s data, HappyLand was the fifth top gainer, behind CrazyMiner, Crabada, Galaxy Heroes, and CryptoSword. In addition, the protocol’s native HPL token surged by 17.68% within that period. 

Top gainer in the GameFi space on February 1st | Source

The $HPW token is still bullish, currently up by 30% in the last 24 hours, according to PancakeSwap. However, the $HPL token has dipped some in the last 24 hours, as per CoinMarketCap data. 

What is HappyLand?

HappyLand is a blockchain gaming platform, inspired by the Texas countryside, USA. Players in HappyLand play the role of farm owners, cultivating, breeding pets, and taking care of their farms. Players have the opportunity to participate in building a multi-farm metaverse with many unique custom styles. 

Where to find HappyLand: 

Website | Twitter | Discord 

Source : bsc.news

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