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cryptodaily.io hosts an AMA with HamsterCoin. #HamsterCoin #BNBChain #BSCDaily #AMA.

Cryptodaily Admin: Hello people!!! Great to have you here with BSCDaily for another AMA! I’m Daley and today, I’m joined by John from the HamsterCoin project!

How are you feeling today John?

John: Thank you very much. Fine. And you?

Cryptodaily Admin: I’m doing well, thanks for asking! You better stay safe out there John! That covid still hits hard! We need you to be fine for HamsterCoin

John: Yes, for all.

Cryptodaily Admin: So are you ready to start the AMA chad?

John: Yes, ready

Cryptodaily Admin: Let’s begin our first question with HamsterCoin!

Q1: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team?

John: First of all, our developers try to keep their identities private. The most important member of our team is our community. Our developers who code our project are also in our community. At the point we have reached, the execution and progress of the project is entirely with the support and effort of the community. Although the developers stay in the background, they have an active relationship with the community and we are growing with the community.

Cryptodaily Admin: Ah it’s like an episode of undercover boss Ok I respect that, staying in the background, being the hidden heroes

John: Yes we want to be hero as Hamstercoin Community

Cryptodaily Admin: It has a mysterious feeling to it too, who knows, maybe satoshi is among us too, watching us from within

Q2: What is HamsterCoin all about? Also, walk us through some of your core products?

John: Ok. Hamstercoin launched as a community project and Meme Token on the Binance Smart Chain network. However, at the point we have reached today, Hamstercoin has become a powerful project that is about to create its own ecosystem. Besides Hamstercoin, there is also Hamsterswap that we have started and the Cheese Token, which is the reward token of this system.Hamstercoin has two important effects as macro and micro effects.

Macro effect: All crypto projects exist, first of all, with their community. The greater the support and involvement of the community, the more valuable a project is. At Hamstercoin, we have a growing community and a strong bond between our community since day one. For this reason, Hamstercoin will continue to exist as long as its community.

Micro effect: Hamstercoin is trying to protect its investors and has an expanding project. Hamstercoin trying to protect its pool and continue to grow and develop in an investor-oriented manner. Metaverse and NFT Market, which will be appearing very soon, are the best examples of this.

Cryptodaily Admin: So can we use the HamsterSwap as of right now?

John: Not right now. We will relaunch soon.

Cryptodaily Admin: I see. So HamsterCoin is trying to become the best community-driven project, which protects its investors, expands to become an entire ecosystem

Q3:  Why did you and your team decide to build HamsterCoin? What are you trying to achieve with this project?

John: Yes and it is related to the community. Our goal is changing rules in crypto but we will see what we can do. Investors are the weakest chain of blockchain. We focused on that part. We saw some problems in the crypto market and noticed the change in crypto.

First, we realized that what we might call the rise of meme tokens. Communities will now shape the future of crypto projects. In an interview with CZ (Binance CEO) Fortune magazine in January 2022,  stated that social and gaming projects will start in 2022.

Our team, who realized this situation before the meme explosion, tried to create a community that would guide the changing crypto world. Our intention: A project that is away from manipulations and in the hands of the community. While our team believes in the power of the community, it also tries to support its community by growing the project.

Q4: Let’s dive into your tokens $HAM. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of $HAM use cases?

John: Our total supply is 10QT (10^16), 55% of it is burned, 20% is locked, 25% market and holders. There will also be more burn from the locked tokens.

Cryptodaily Admin: So what is this locked 20% may I ask? Is this for the Devs? and how long is it locked?

John: Yes. However, we will reserve some of this for stock market listings. For listing sometimes we need to give some tokens for exchange.

Cryptodaily Admin: Ah to get listed, alright. How long is it locked for the team?

John: It’s locked from 3 months to 1 year, and not for the team And, there is a 12% slippage for transactions in the BSC network. The slippage is divided into 3 parts, with this slippage first part, it sends BTC to the holders, second part to the pool and 3rd part for marketing and buy backs are carried out. Sometimes we use it for marketing or sometimes we use this to keep prices.

Q5: You’re having a relaunch in Q2, 2022. What happened during the first launch? Will the second relaunch be better?

John: Yes, Unfortunately, we were hacked shortly after the Hamsterswap system was launched. The swap system was hacked and all Cheese and Hamstercoins on the system were stolen and sold at once. Afterwards, Hamstercoin that were sold immediately were taken back by the team and the price was restored. We had enough funds to fix this. All Hamstercoins were returned to all our investors whose Hamstercoins were stolen. However, we had to rebuild the swap system and contracts of the Cheese token in a more secure way. We completed a new Cheese Token contract but we are waiting for an audit.

First of all, the new contracts come with a multi-sign verification system which is more secure. In addition, there will be time-lock as extra security. We are ready for the worst case this time. Time-lock is a time barrier to fix problems.

Cryptodaily Admin: We are looking forward to that audit! This relaunch should be smooth!

John: Exactly We hope so

Cryptodaily Admin: The hacks in crypto is nothing new, but since you’re aiming to protect the investors, can’t be wrong for the second time

Q6: What can we expect from the HamsterCoin metaverse? As well as the NFTs?

John: When we started working on Metaverse and NFT Market, our first target was 2022 Q1. Our team has been very well observing the trends of the market. For this reason, our metaverse project is constantly changing shape. We see that crypto gaming communities are getting stronger day by day. For this reason, we are planning the Metaverse project, where we can create a nice gaming community and create the usage areas of Hamstercoin. On the other hand, our NFTs, will be NFTs that have uses more than wallet storage and give their owners privileges over the hamster ecosystem.

Q7: Who is auditing your contracts? Can we know more details about the audits as well? When should it be finished?

John: Certik is our most important solution partner for audits. I can’t say any date because it’s related to Certik. To create an ecosystem and more features means lots of smart contracts. We want to pass all our outgoing contracts through Certik audit.

Cryptodaily Admin: Ok, but it’s certik, so partially relieved I guess And it should be finished before the relaunch, so if everything works out, I’m sensing a great relaunch!

John: Yes

Q8: Are there any exciting events you want to share? Where can we find out more about HamsterCoin?

John: The thing that excites me the most is the swap system that will come with new features. Hamsterswap is a start for the Hamster Ecosystem. On this system, there will be more features other than swap. Our community will make decisions about the future of the project again through the Hamsterswap system.

You can find more information on our social media accounts and on our website.

Our website: coinhamster.io

Twitter: twitter.com/_hamster_coin

Telegram: t.me/Hamster_Finance

Thank you

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with HamsterCoin

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

John: iI want to thank you for your hospitality and friends who joined AMA

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you John for being here and talking about HamsterCoin! Best of luck to your upcoming Relaunch of HamsterSwap!! Also to the metaverse that you’re planning to release!

Take care John!

John: Thank you very much, take care

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