Remember those childhood shooter games like Gunbound, Gunny or Worm? Want to re-experience that super addictive game genre but on the blockchain?

Let us introduce you to Gunstar, a game inspired by Worms / Gunbound games, which is an exciting Play & Earn game for gamers of all levels, from beginners to professionals, to put their skills to the test and compete with their friends in order to create the “ultimate-high” shooting game, or even have the golden opportunity to engage in highly tactical games to secure an awesome victory.

Gunstar and Fantasy StarWorld will also provide players the opportunity to participate in real-world experiences, which is something that a typical strategy game does not provide. Customers’ attention is piqued by consumer enthusiasm and exhilarating anticipation while playing.

Gunstar is one of the few blockchain gaming ideas that gamers are interested in. On their Tiktok channel, they also feature a lot of lessons and gameplay tips:

Below we will summarize information about extremely attractive gameplay Gunstar to help you get started easily.

I. Gameplay Overview

1. Turn-Based Artillery Game

It’s probably not too unusual for those of you who are familiar with the Turn-Based Artillery game genre to start playing Gunstar. Gunstar, on the other hand, differs and improves on its predecessors in a number of ways.

As a turn-based game, It focuses on skills and game analysis. Moreover, players need to understand the companion pet chosen to be able to optimize their abilities. With the help of technology, in addition to the power of pets, you can also use the power of human technology to make it easier for you to adventure in the world.

Core gameplay

Gunstar is a two-dimensional game with turn-based and ballistics simulation elements.

In Gunstar, players are divided into two teams, with the opponent being either an AI monster or another person. They’ll take turns firing their pets at each other.

Each pet has three distinct abilities: two standard abilities and one Ultimate ability.

External conditions like topography, winds, and storms have an impact on the outcome of a match in this game. This necessitates players constantly changing their aim and trajectory power while also evaluating their approach.

2. Pet Art & Design

Even with summoned monsters like dragons, phoenixes, and unicorns, players are accompanied by highly strong pets. There are 23 distinct varieties of pets, each with unique strengths and skills.

These 23 different sorts of pets are separated into several categories according to their mythological level, such as Ascended, Legendary, Elite, Rare, Normal, and so on.

System for Merging and Fragmentation Pets

When you play the game, particularly in the Boss stage, a time-limited event arises in several cities, with the possibility of dropping Pet Fragments. When you’ve collected all of the Pet Fragments needed to make a new pet, you may opt to Merge the fragments to make a new one.

3. In-game Item

Aside from talents for your dogs, there are a slew of human-made objects to aid you in every combat. There are a few different sorts of things available right now:

TeleportationDuring combat, you can teleport to a different place. Outside of battle, it has no impact.
Goddess’s DrinkHeal 30% of the maximum health of a pet.
Symbol of deadFor one turn, your talents are fired twice. Only use for the first and second skills.
Villainous ElixirFor one round, increases damage output by 30%. Only use for the 3rd Skill.
Prismatic ShieldGive you the phoenix ability, which protects you from all damage until your next turn.
Miter of the GnomeFor two turns, lock the opponent’s items.

For a match, you can choose up to three things. The sole method to obtain these things is to use the game’s money (GSC) to purchase them via the Fortune Wheel feature; however, you have a slight possibility of receiving stuff while playing the Campaign mode.

4. Strengthen Character

Every match you play and win will earn you experience as a hero. Over time, your character will get stronger and tougher.

5. Renting pet

As always, your pet is the most powerful weapon in a combat. As a result, the stronger the pet, the more easily the opponent may be defeated. But, because gaining a legendary pet isn’t always simple, they’ve implemented a mechanism where you may borrow your pet from the market for a limited time.

During the activation period once the pet has been hired, you are able to utilize all of its functions. Depending on the market, you must pay the Pet’s owner a charge.

II. NFT Pet System

Gunstar Metaverse is mostly concerned with pets. They occur in a variety of sizes, forms, abilities, rarity, and effects.

You may get pets in a variety of methods, including:
– Purchasing pet eggs from marketplaces and hatching them.
– Purchasing pets from other players.
– Collecting and combining pet pieces.

1. Pet Rarity

The pets are divided into three categories based on their rarity:
⧫ Ascend
⧫ Legendary
⧫ Mythic
⧫ Elite
⧫ Rare
⧫ Normal
⧫ Trial

The NFT pets are divided into two rarities: Ascend and Normal. The Trial pets are not based on NFT and are therefore weaker than the other pets.

NFT Pets

In terms of power, all rarities are built similarly. In the hands of a good player, a common pet may defeat pets of greater rarity. As a result, the game is more about talent than on how much money you have.

When you’ve mastered a higher rarity pet, it might be a lot more fun to play. When utilized appropriately, these pets generally have more unique talents and can do more damage, but if you don’t master the pet, it can potentially become a nuisance rather than a benefit.

Having higher-rarity pets provides you with a slew of advantages, including:
– GSC bonus from PvE
– Ability to purchase additional rewarding passes

Pets on Trial

Trial pets are free pets that are offered to all players as a way to see if they like the game. In comparison to other pets, this trial pet has less power. You can still gain stat boosts by leveling up this pet.

GSC tokens can still be earned while playing with this pet, but they will be locked until you buy two NFT pets.

2. Pet Skill

Each pet currently have:
● Skill 1 (Lowest damage, lowest delay count)
● Skill 2 (Medium damage, medium delay count)
● Skill 3 – Ultimate Skill (Highest damage, highest delay count)
● Passive Skill (Additional effects for the pet, or team)

Each of the attacking skill are split into 3 functions:
● Skill Delay
● Skill Damage Range
● Skill Effects (if any)

Skill Delay

Because Gunstar is a turn-based game, the following turn’s delay is used to determine the turn.
➣ Delaying a turn increases the number of delays.
➣ Using objects on a turn raises the number of delays.
➣ Using talents during a turn increases the number of delays.

Delay counts will vary dramatically between talents. Even the same talents have a different delay count each time they are used. This adds a little more variety to the game, since the pet with the most damage may not necessarily be the best pick in all situations.

Do you want a pet that turns a little faster but does a little less damage? When both of you have fewer than 1% of your health left, the speed advantage might come in just in time with an additional.

Do you want the same pet but with a little more damage? Trying to take advantage of your injury as soon as possible.

Skill Damage Range

All pets, with the exception of trial pets, have a range of values for all of their stats to keep the game fair and exciting.

Example: Bawaving’s Skill 3 Full Range:
▸Skill Delay: 900 to 964
▸Skill Damage: 225 to 303

There are five sub-ranges within that skill damage range.
⯀ 225 to 275
⯀ 232 to 282
⯀ 239 to 289
⯀ 246 to 296
⯀ 253 to 303

The larger the damage, the longer the wait. As a result, all ranges are still able to compete with one another. Do you prefer to take a little more harm or have the opportunity to act first? Highest damage isn’t always the best option.

Each skill has its own ranges, therefore it’s possible to have a pet with a high Skill 1 range, a lower Skill 2 range, and the highest Skill 3 range.

The range of a skill determines how much damage it does. You will be able to do the maximum damage of the damage range if the angle of your shot falls inside the correct angle.

The opponent’s defenses are not taken into account in the damage display. As a result, the 282 damage mentioned above would be lowered depending on the opponent’s defensive percentage.

Skill Effects

Some talents have extra effects, such as the ability to run for a few seconds on the ground before exploding, or the ability to divide into numerous smaller bombs.

II. Earning & Ecosystem

1. Playing & Earning requirements

In Gunstar Metaverse, there are two methods for playing and earning: 

Free to Earn: Gunstar Metaverse offers a free pet, Rosaging, in order to provide a gaming experience to all users.
⏵ Rosaging is a Trial-class pet that is automatically given to all players once they create a Game account.
⏵ In the mainnet version, Rosaging may be utilized in PvE game mode, with PvP mode coming in future releases.
⏵ Rosaging is a skill that may be employed in all game activities, including presumably other Pet classes.
⏵ Rosaging is not an NFT Pet and cannot be purchased on the Marketplace.
⏵ Rosaging is weaker than other other pets; it’s designed for beginning players to get a feel for the game rather than as a long-term companion.

Play to Earn: Their long-term goal is to create a stable income Ecosystem. Gunstar Metaverse has examined and investigated the Gamefi market in order to create in-game money flows that enable us to govern inflation and deflation rates over time with their complete features.

● To withdraw GSC from the game, players must have at least two NFT pets.
● Withdrawing GSC from the game takes XX days, starting from the time the NFT pets (at least 2) are given to the Player’s wallet, as follows:

● Withdrawing GSC from the game takes XX days, counting from the time the NFT pets (at least 2) are given to the Player’s wallet, as follows:
➣ IF players purchase Pet A (remaining time 3 days 10 hours on marketplace) and Pet B (remaining time 3 days 10 hours on marketplace) (remaining time 1 day 5 hours on marketplace). Players may transfer them to in-game and withdraw the GSC in only three days and ten hours.
➣ IF gamers possess pet A in-game for 7 days and then purchase pet B (remaining time 1 day 5 hours on the marketplace). Players may transfer them to in-game and withdraw the GSC in only one day and five hours.

● In order to avoid Selling Pressure, which has a significant influence on the GSC price and, as a result, on the whole Starworld, they implement the GSC withdrawal (20 percent of earning for a day can be withdrawn at the 7th-day counting since 1st day earned ).

2. Example

a. Scenario players only Play and earn GSC without spending GSC

b. Scenario players Play and earn GSC and spend GSC in a day.

Day 1: If a player earns 1000 GSC and spends 400 GSC in-game on the first day.

From the 7th to the 9th day, 600 GSC profit can be withdrawn at a rate of 200 GSC each day.

Day 2: If a player earns 300 GSC and spends 200 GSC in the game,

On the eighth and ninth days, a profit of 100 GSC can be withdrawn for 60 GSC and 40 GSC, respectively.

Day 3: IF a Player earn 500 GSC and spend 600 GSC in-game

100 GSC are deducted in the profit from the previous day: 40 GSC of D2’s profit and 60 GSC of D1’s profit on the 9th day

Day 4: IF a Player earn 400 GSC and spend 200 GSC in-game

200 GSC profit can be withdrawn at 80 GSC on the 10th & 11th day and 40 GSC on the 12th day

Day 5: IF a Player earn 600 GSC and spend 400 GSC in-game

200 GSC profit can be withdrawn at 120 GSC on the 11th day and 80 GSC on the 12th day

Day 6: IF a Player earn 800 GSC and spend 510 GSC in-game

290 GSC profit can be withdrawn at 160 GSC on the 12th day and 130 GSC on the 13th day

Day 7: IF a Player earn 1000 GSC and spend 50 GSC in-game

950 GSC profit can be withdrawn at 200 GSC each day from the 13th to the 16th day and 150 GSC on the 17th day

➤ In reality, with a capital investment of roughly $150, the game’s ROI is stabilizing around $170 – $250 every month. Currently, gamers may earn between $13 and $18 per day on average by doing in-game tasks.

3. In-Game Spending Mechanism

When players spend GSC on activities like as pet level upgrades, Fortune wheel spins, house rental fees (future updates), etc., the GSC will be deducted from the Lock Wallet, which will take precedence over the Available Wallet. As seen in the instances above, the deduction system will be used.

III. Game modes

In Gunstar, we have 4 game modes at this moment.

⏵ Campaign: Single PvE
⏵ Raid boss: Single / Co-op PvE
⏵ Arena – Solo: Single PvP
⏵ Arena – Team: Co-op PvP

Each of these thrilling modes offers a unique gaming experience and goal. For a better knowledge of the game mechanics, you should play all of them.

Gunstar currently features a PVE mode and is set to release Raid Boss, pet components – are the major aspects that only new players can build together a new, more diversified, and superior NFT Pet type from these pieces. To inflate the NFT market, the new pet issuer does not mint for sale or sell for profit at will.

1. Campaign

In campaign mode, you can explore StarWorld. You may unlock new planets and pets by beating the enemies there.

The rewards for adventure mode are:

Experience Points for your rider

GSC currency

Low chance of Items

Low chance of Pet Fragments

Higher-level maps will have a larger rarity of Items and Pet Fragments, as well as a higher likelihood of finding them.

The campaign mode’s goal is to:
★ Increase your rider’s experience points
★ Earn GSC to help one of your pets reach a higher level.
★ To learn and perfect your pet’s abilities
★ To prepare for PvP

The campaigns will provide you with enough GSC cash to completely level up one pet. Then you’ll employ this leveled-up pet to compete in PvP to gain the big prizes (more GSC) and level up your other pets. 

How to Earn GSC From PvE Campaigns

Your pet has reached the necessary level in order to earn the greatest amount of GSC.

Your pets’ highest level is the same as your rider’s maximum level.

Your pet has reached the necessary level in order to earn the greatest amount of GSC.

The amount of GSC earned as a result of a campaign mission’s Recommend level vs. Rider’s level:
➣ If Rider’s level <= Recommend level need for a mission –> 100% earning (100 GSC)
➣ If Rider’s level – Recommend level need for a mission = 1 –> 50% earning (50 GSC)
➣ If Rider’s level – Recommend level need for a mission = 2 –> 0 earning

Using GSC Earned From PvE Campaigns

The GSC acquired through PvE campaigns should be put to the following purposes:
⧫ Concentrate on leveling one pet at a time, and maintain your primary pet at the appropriate level.
⧫ Using the fate wheel to obtain goods.
⧫ If you have extra GSC, level up a second pet.

Overselling GSC or attempting to power level many pets at the same time will result in you not having enough GSC to level up your pets in time for the forthcoming PvP matches.

GSC Bonuses for PvE Campaigns (In development)

Owners of higher rarity pets gain more GSC when they possess numerous higher rarity pets as an added bonus.

Starting with your second pet, each pet you own gets you a bonus GSC dependent on its rarity, up to a maximum of 20% extra GSC gained every map.

The suggested level will still have an impact on your bonus. If you’re at or below the recommended level, you’ll get the entire bonus; if you’re one level over the recommended level, your bonus will be cut in half; and if you’re two or more levels above the recommended level, you won’t get any GSC at all.

PvE campaigns aren’t meant to generate a lot of GSC; that’s what the PvP mode is for. Here’s how to get the most GSC out of your PvE campaigns:

Pet TypeBonus Per Pet

How it works:

⏵ Scenario 1

1 normal pet, 2 rare pets, 3 elite pets
Lowest rarity = normal

Normal = 0%
Rare = 0.40% * 2 = 0.80%
Elite = 0.60% * 3 = 1.80%

Total Bonus = 2.6%

⏵ Scenario 2

2 rare pet, 2 elite pets, 3 mythic pets
Lowest rarity = normal

Rare = 0.40% * 1 = 0.40%
Elite = 0.60% * 2 = 1.20%
Mythic = 0.80% * 3 = 2.40%

Total Bonus = 4.0%

2. Raid boss

Raid bosses are a unique type of content in the game. It’s a limited-time event that will only be available for a limited time.

During the event, the player has the option of playing with the boss in co-op or solo mode. The award will be determined by the amount of damage dealt to the boss.

Pet Fragment, a rare item in Gunstar, is the major prize of the boss raiding event.

In this mode, the opponent is a true Boss who never dies. If the HP reaches 0, it will advance to the next level, which has full HP and is more powerful. Each stage will provide you GSC or a Pet Fragment at random, as well as experience to help you level up your character. That suggests your main target is still alive and ready to wreak havoc on the boss.

3. Arena – Solo

A player will face off against another player in a single 1v1 encounter in this mode. Your objective is to defeat your opponent and advance in rank.

At the start of a match, each player is permitted two pets. In this mode, players can swap between those two pets once every turn, each with its unique set of attributes.

You’ll be paired with opponents based on who has the higher-ranking pet.

4. Arena – Team

This is a 4 against 4 contest in which participants are paired with their teammates or discover partners at random using their match-making algorithm.

Two teams of eight players are formed. Unlike Solo PvP, participants in this mode can only bring one pet to the match with them.

When a player dies, they have access to a three-in-a-row rolling slots machine, where they can gain soft cash, change the wind, or drop a random bomb into the sky.

5. Quest

Players may earn additional GSC by participating in daily missions.

Every day, there will be 5 new quests:
➣ 2 Easy Quests
➣ 2 Medium Quests
➣ 1 Hard Quest

You get GSC for completing each task. Completing all five tasks will reward you with extra GSC and a random item.

IV. Ranking System

The game uses the ranking system to match players based on their ELO from Arena matches. Arena Point was the name they gave it (AP). Their objective is to establish confrontations with players of similar ability levels in order to provide a better match. It’s also utilized to provide gamers rewards at the end of each Arena Season.

Three criteria decide all rank levels:
⯈ A minimum pet level for the pet you’ve chosen
⯈ A maximum pet level for the pet you’ve chosen

RankAP StandardNumber of tiersMin Pet LevelMax Pet Level
UnrankedNever won a match before1 Tier1No Max
Iron IV to ITop 100% 4 tiers120
Bronze IV to ITop 85%4 tiers1020
Silver IV to ITop 65%4 tiers15No Max
Gold IV to ITop 45%4 tiers20No Max
Diamond IV to ITop 25%4 tiers25No Max
PlatinumTop 5%1 tier30No Max
Master Top 100 Ranked Players1 tier30No Max

1. Climbing Ranks

Arena Match points are determined dynamically depending on victories, losses, and draws.

When you win against lower-ranked opponents, you earn a slight AP boost compared to when you win against higher-ranked opponents. Losing to a lower-ranked opponent, on the other hand, will result in a greater loss of AP than losing to a higher-ranked opponent.

If you leave the game in the middle of a combat, you will be penalized on your AP to safeguard the experience of other players.

2. Dropping Ranks

Every participant’s rank will decline by one tier at the end of each season.

RankExample 1Example 2Example 3
Previous SeasonSilver IDiamond IVMaster Ranked #1
New SeasonSilver IIGold IPlatinum

This is to encourage more active players to go through the ranks and to give everyone a better shot with each new season.

V. Family & Clan

The team is constantly aware of the need to communicate with everyone in any situation. And, since its inception, an online game has been designed with the goal of bringing people together.

As a result, they’re striving towards the Family and Clan Systems. The primary concept is that a Relatives is a place for tiny people to connect with others, whether they are friends or family, thus they restrict the number of Families to four. Building, farming, family battles, and more elements will be released with Family in the future.

But what if your neighborhood has more than four people? What if you’re a leader, an inspiration, or a KOL who can rally your team to help us save the Fantasy StarWorld…? Don’t be concerned! They’ll feature a Clan System, which is a community made up of many different families. Of course, there will be many Clan-related elements introduced in the future, such as Clan war, Clan royalty, and so on.

VI. Backers, Investors and Partners

Wings Ventures, Black Ventures, Raptor, #Hashed, Icetea, Spark Digital Capital, DAO Maker, Magnus Capital, and GuildFi are among the many significant backers and investors in the sector that have agreed to support Gunstar as a viable initiative.

In addition, the publisher is collaborating with a number of well-known Game Guild communities in order to introduce the game to a broader audience of players, including RRQ Guild, an famous esports squad, which will compete in League Of Legends esports at Seagame 31.

Gunstar will undoubtedly achieve more success on its Metaverse building route with the experience, resources, and backing of the above partners.

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