GuildFi Takes Down Metat8 to Take Hope First FTX Galaxie Cup Trophy

In a matchup that went wire to wire, Thai guild, GuildFi, emerged victorious after a thrilling 3-2 win over fan favorite, Metat8.

GuildFi Wins It All

GuildFi defeated Axie Alerts PH2, Looking For Guild, and Metat8 en route to the first FTX Galaxie Cup Championship. The first pick ban elimination format Axie eSports tournament went out as a major success.

A thrilling 3-2 finals matchup capped off a successful pro leg for the Axie Esports tournament organized by The Gaming Company. Each game, teams draft a total of nine Axies, each from a select pool of Axies, and adjust their strategies based on the picks of their opponents and the three Axies that their opponents banned them from using. The first team to eliminate all three players on the opposing team wins the match. When the smoke cleared up on November 28, the official Twitter account of the competition proclaimed GuildFi the champion.

“Congratulations to @GuildFiGlobal for taking home the Grand Prize of our @FTX_Official @GalaxieCup,” GalaxiCup proudly announced on Twitter.


A total of 192 AXS valued at around 25,000 US Dollars comprise the prize pool of the Pro tournament of the Galaxie Cup. The Charity Influencer leg of the tournament featured a total prize pool of 102 AXS, where I’m Momoko of Lorcan GG emerged victorious and won 40 AXS for her partner charity, The End Fund. The community is also winners in this tournament as a total of 40 Axies, 2 Land plots, and 1 Mystic Axie were set as raffle prizes from November 24 until their post-game talk show on December 1.

Road To The Finals

GuildFi’s road to the finals included exciting wins over tough guilds Axie Alerts PH2 and Looking For Guild. Adjustments had to be done on the fly as GuildFi participated in the first game of the tournament with a format that’s the first of its kind. 

Metat8 had two come-from-behind wins against Bien Gracias and Gradxie | Got Skills. The latter being the more exciting of the two as Metat8 team captain Elijah completed a 3-0 reverse sweep after being down 0-2 to advance to the finals.

In the bronze medal match, Looking For Guild got the 3-0 sweep over Gradxie | Got Skills. Ndar Buoz. GG’s double Plant tank, Doubletalk Postfight Bird team proved to be too much for his opponents, and Looking For Guild secured third place.

Finals Recap

MT8 | 1437 vs Toil3t | GFI 0-0

The finals opened up with METAT8’s 1437 going up against GuildFi’s Toil3t. An aggressive first round from 1437 got Toile3t’s tank down to 27 HP. However, an aggressive mid-game combo from Toil3t’s middle reptile quickly shifted the game in GameFi’s favor to take the first win of the finals.

MT8 | Seb vs Toil3t | GFI 0-1

Seb was the next one in line for METAT8, with GameFi having a one-game lead. In round three, Seb executed a perfectly calculated Trispikes combo from his midlane reptile and took out Toil3t’s backliner Dual Anemone Aqua in Round 3. Seb never looked back after that and was able to equalize the finals at one apiece.

MT8 | Seb vs Arthit_M | GFI 1-1

Arthit_M is the second player for GameFi and looks to take back the lead after the Seb equalizer. The same Trispike combo that Seb pulled out was able to hit the backline once again. However, this time, the Arthit’s backliner was a virtually immortal zigzag plant Tank and was able to take the hit and live through Seb’s combo. Withstanding that flurry of cards, Seb found himself too far behind to come back from as Arthit_M’s beast quickly swept through the last two Metat8 reptiles to be one win shy of the championship.

MT8 | Elijah vs Arthit_M | GFI 1-2

Down once again, Metat8’s championship aspirations once again fall on the shoulders of their captain, Elijah, as he looks to complete yet another comeback win for the crown. Arthit_M opened the game, switching his backliner tank from the previous match to the frontlines and moving the rest of the team back one place to adjust to Elijah’s team.

The battle opened up with both backline beasts chewing into the opposing tanks. But when Elijah was able to knock out Arthit_M’s tank in round 2, that opened up the bug and beast Axies behind it to Elijah’s midlane aqua. The game went neck to neck with both backlance beast Axies going against each other. Elijah had the upper hand with one more energy than Arthit_M, but Arthit_M had the speed advantage. Elijah escapes the critical and ended up with the win to force a winner-take-all finals game.

Screenshot from Galaxie Cup Stream

MT8 | Elijah vs Kapi |GFI 2-2

Captain versus captain as the championship boils down to a winner take all match with Kapi going up against Elijah.

The game opens up with both players looking to land heavy blows to each other’s tank. Kapi was able to take out Elijah’s tank in round 2 with a Doubletalk Kestrel combo. Kapi’s team proved to be too fast for Elijah, as in round 3, Kapi was able to take Elijah’s midlane Aqua down to 60 health. Once that aqua was out, Kapi’s Bird and Aqua Axies feasted on Elijah’s backlane beast. Kapi gave Elijah his first loss of the tournament while bringing home the trophy to GuildFi.

MT8 | 2 vs 3 | GFI

Congratulations to Kapi, Arthit_M, Toil3t representing GameFi for winning the Galaxie Cup!

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