Group C Set for February 3 Final Round in Battle of the Dapps

One more spot to clinch in Group C before the grand finale showdown.

Ready for the Final Combat

Starting off with an intense Group A challenge on January 25 and followed by Group B on January 30, the latest edition of Battle of the Dapps has been nothing short of enthralling. Group A saw RealFevr become the first project to advance to the grand finale ahead of RadioCaca and Stader Labs. Following up, Venus booked the second spot after besting strong opponents in Wombex and DeRace.

Slated for February 3, the winner of the Group C clash will be the last participant to qualify for the grand finale.

The rules of the competition are simple; each project (all coming from a different background) answers a series of questions centered around Security, Longevity, and Community. The project considered to have the best answers by the community and judges will move on to the grand finale.

Check out this article for a full explainer of the rules.

This edition of Battle of the Dapps is sponsored by Lend Finance, a natural extension of the TEN Finance Ecosystem and a decentralized lending protocol for individuals and protocols to access financial services.

The projects competing in Group C are as follows:

  • Velvet Capital – A cross-chain DeFi protocol that helps people & institutions create tokenized index funds, portfolios & other financial products with additional yield.
  • NFTbMarket – A multichain Gaming & Metaverse platform for digital ownership, empowering GameFi projects with the ability to distribute & raise liquidity.
  • Cryptopolis – A Social online NFT game where you can build out your apartment with NFT items, socialize with friends, and play minigames to climb to the top of the Tower.

Set a reminder and tune in to the official BSC News Twitter Space on February 3 at 7 PM UTC to see which of these three projects will join RealFevr and Venus in the Grand Finale of the Battle of the Dapps!

The Grand Finale is scheduled for February 6, at 7 PM UTC, where one of the three winners of the previous rounds will be named the new King of Dapps.’

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