Group B in Battle of the Dapps Concludes with MicroPets as Winner

Recapping the second round of the latest iteration of Battle of the Dapps.

MicroPets Moves on to the Grand Finale

Group B in Battle of the Dapps has come to a close, with MicroPets besting out the competition from NodeReal and NEST Protocol to advance.

MicroPets earned the victory by winning both the public vote and one judge’s vote for their focus on community building. The other judge’s vote went to NodeReal, leaving the score 2-1 in favor of MicroPets.

If you’re unfamiliar with the rules of Battle of the Dapps, check out this explainer article!

Questions on Security

The first questions of the event were based on security. NEST Protocol explained their extensive internal security monitoring and the support received from outside auditors like CertiK. MicroPets detailed how they manually approve reward tickets on the platform to ensure it remains exploit-free. NodeReal noted that as an infrastructure provider, they take security very seriously and secure all connections, ensuring there are no weak points in their services.

Questions on Longevity

The second round of questions was centered around longevity. The speaker from NEST Protocol claimed their token was inherently designed to maintain value over the long term and affirmed the need for long-term planning in DeFi. MicroPets’s representative explained how they developed a tokenomics solution before creating their game to circumvent problematic GameFi tokenomics. NodeReal’s speaker detailed how they engage in early communications with new projects to establish an infrastructural approach, helping the projects to maintain growth during bear markets.

Questions on Community

The final round of questions from BSC News was about community. NEST Protocol’s speaker noted that the NEST team is in-tune with the demands from their community, seeking to implement community suggestions wherever possible and educate their members. MicroPets shared how they encourage their community to contribute to platform development, as well as educate community members on investments and personal growth. NodeReal described how their early-entry approach helps them to build out their community in a cross-chain setting, along with their mission to implement their infrastructure without fundamentally changing operations for partners.

Contestant Questions

This section saw the three competitors ask each other questions with no specific theme. NodeReal was asked by MicroPets what their top priority was, with the answer being community. NEST was asked by MicroPets what problems their project solves, responding with an analogy that explained their use case.

NodeReal asked MicroPets what their current focus was, with the answer being to build a stronger community. NodeReal then asked NEST what metrics they use to check API quality, to which NEST was unable to provide an answer, nor could they answer a follow-up question.

NEST asked MicroPets how they distinguish themselves from other P2E games, with MicroPets answering that they focus on the gameplay while using a sustainable model. NEST then asked NodeReal how they ensure project security for partners, to which NodeReal explained their encryption technology and education efforts for developers.

BSC News would like to thank all three participants from Group B for their efforts, and remind the community that all participants are contributing to the growth of DeFi. BSC News would also like to thank CertiK for being the sponsor of Battle of the Dapps!

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