GreenLend AMA Recap hosts GreenLend: An eco-friendly DeFi protocol providing lending and savings services on the Energy web blockchain and Binance smart chain.

BSC Daily – Admin: Hello and welcome to BSC Daily, @MattGreenLend @peterglend!

It’s our pleasure to have you guys in the house.

Ready to start our AMA?

Matt: Yes, excited!

BSC Daily – Admin: Let’s kick off the AMA session with a basic intro of your project.

Q1: What is GreenLend all about? Give us a little summary?

Matt: Hello everybody thank you for being here today.

Well, GreenLend is designing an eco-friendly DeFi protocol providing lending and savings services on the Energy web blockchain and Binance smart chain.

We are designing the finance of tomorrow: decentralized and green.

3 core features

1) Lending & Borrowing

2) GLend Savings  

3) GLend, a Rewarding Token

Unlike our main competitors who offer energy-intensive flash loans & savings product with high transaction fees, GreenLend users will be able to earn through our savings protocol and to take out flash loans, all

while paying low gas fees and having a drastically reduced ecological impact.

BSC Daily – Admin: An eco-friendly DeFi concept, interesting indeed!

Q2: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Viktor: We are all coming from European countries, we work in the finance, IT and business management sector.

Obviously, the three of us have been drawn to cryptocurrencies for a long time now, always finding new projects and following the development of the whole crypto-space, even working in freelance onto blockchain development. It is exciting to work and help develop DeFi and crypto in general.

To reassure investors, we plan to dox ourselves via a third party in the near future, but we are still looking for the right partner. Safety and privacy is something we value a lot.

In addition, liquidity and the small part of the GLend supply allocated to project development are locked, as we will always want to increase trust and transparency between the team and the community. That’s very important to us.

BSC Daily – Admin: I understand your concerns; security and privacy are the two things that every project’s members value the most.

Q3: As we all know, every project has a few stories behind the scenes; so what is the story behind GreenLend? Why did you and your team decide to create it?

Matt: Well, GreenLend comes from a simple observation: In the current context of economic and environmental crisis, an eco-friendly DeFi solution is essential.

For months, decentralized finance has been gaining momentum with the solutions it brings to investors. Nevertheless, the majority of DeFi DApps are built on energy-intensive blockchains with high gas fees that have an extremely negative impact on the environment and on investors’ finances. (especially ethereum)

That’s why GreenLend aims to make the decentralized finance greener, by developing a DeFi protocol that provides lending and savings services on the Energy Web blockchain, a highly scalable network that consumes less energy than a building.

Q4: Let’s dive into your token $GLend. Can you share with us your tokenomics?

Viktor: We tried to make the tokenomics that make the most sense for everybody.

Total supply: 100M GLend

Presale: 60M GLend

Liquidity: 20MGLend (locked for 2years) (split between PCS and CarbonSwap)

Development: 10M GLend (locked for 1year)

Reward pool: 10M GLend

You can find the GLend smart contract (on BSC) at this address:


And also the proof of locks here:

Q5: The number of tokens sold in the Presale round accounts for 60% of the total supply!? Don’t you think it’s a bit too much to sell more than half of the tokens at the beginning of the project?

Matt: This is a way to avoid inflation with too many token releases.

Viktor: Yes that is correct. As Matt said, it’s a way to avoid inflation as too many token releases produce inflation on the long term. With GreenLend, you will see the circulating supply decrease over time and not the opposite.

Matt: The vast majority of development expenses will be paid via other crypto-currencies (thanks to the funds raised).

Also, this will avoid eventual dumping.

Q6: Can you share with us some of $GLend use cases? What benefits will $GLend holders receive?

Matt: Yes, of course

GLend is the native utility token of the GreenLend protocol. The token will have multiple use cases for governance, platform utility, and much more. It is initially a BEP20 token but an Energy Web blockchain integration will be done shortly after the launch. (The Energy Web integration will happen in July 2021)

Dual Income Streams:

GLend provides an automatic dual stream of passive income for holders. Inflation pays you, which means that the increased supply of $GLend is instantly distributed and reflected in the holders’ balance. Additionally, a tax and burn mechanism is applied. 2% of each transaction is instantly and equally split between the $GLend token holders and a burn.

Inflation/Deflation Ratio:

Inflation is inversely proportional to volume, which means that when volume is high, the burn rate will exceed the inflation rate, thus reducing the supply of tokens. This dual function is a way to naturally encourage trading volume and control inflation.

Q7: For people who are interested in the project, where and when can they buy $GLend?

Viktor: We will hold our presale on Unilock on the 6th of June at 8 pm UTC+1.

That’s a public and fair opportunity to buy the GLend token before anybody else, enjoy the rewarding system and become an early adopter.

Minimum participation is 0.1 BNB

Maximum participation is 10 BNB

If you’re not sure how to participate in the presale, we made a step by step guide, that you can find on our Medium:

Matt: After the presale, GLend will be listed directly on pancakeswap and then on carbonswap after the Energy Web integration in the beginning of July 2021.

BSC Daily – Admin: So the Energy Web integration in July is the next stop on your road map!

Q8: Are there other events over the next 3 months and in this year? What can we expect from it?

Matt: Yes you are right.

As I said, in the beginning of July, we will proceed with the Energy Web integration followed by a listing on CarbonSwap (The energy web swap).

A marketing campaign will start directly after our initial listing on PancakeSwap as we want to increase our visibility. We had amazing feedbacks from the community and we believe a lot in GreenLend’s success, but you can have the best product in the world, you still need to bring a lot of attention on your project if you want it to be used and adopted.

Finally, an essential step in our 2021 roadmap, our platform should be released before the end of the 4th quarter of 2021.

Q9: Okay, final question. Where can we find more about GreendLend?

Matt: If you want to learn more about GreenLend please have a look on the website, you will find more detailed information on the litepaper:

Twitter and Medium are very effective if you want to have the most important information about GreenLend’s progress:


But the best thing to do if you’re interested by our project is to join the community on telegram, where you can ask any questions at any time. Me and the team are available there, we answer questions there but we are lucky enough to have a very friendly community that can help and answer any questions you have:


BSC Daily – Admin: Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community? @ViktorGreenLend @MattGreenLend

Viktor: Thank you for inviting us!

Matt: Well thank you for participating everybody. As I said if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to join our telegram:

BSC Daily – Admin: It was a pleasure having you @ViktorGreenLend @MattGreenLend.

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