Green Move Token (GM) Introduces Reflection 2.0 with Dynamic Fee

With 7 cross chain products in development as well, Green Move aims to revolutionize multichain projects.

Dynamic Fee Secures Passive Income

Reflections and high APYs are a fairly common concept in Decentralized Finance (DeFi). They rely on an underlying asset which investors are paid in for holding or staking their share. Often investors are promised massive gains, but don’t realize actual profit because of price devaluation.

Reflections work by charging a transaction fee and distributing a part of this fee to holders. Usually this fee is fixed but Green Move, which launches its GM token on April 6th 2022, changes things up with Dynamic Fee.

How it Works

Green Move has no buy fee, making it easy to get onboard. The sell fee is dynamic as it ranges between 0 and 25%. It starts at 0% and increases when tokens are sold while it decreases again when tokens are bought. This new concept prevents massive sell walls, instead encouraging buying and hence functioning as a dump protection. The modifier applied on the fee depends on the price impact resulting from the amount of tokens sold or bought.

Example: If the fee is set to 5% and a holder sells tokens worth 2% of the total liquidity the fee increases to 7%. If a buyer then buys 3% of the total liquidity it decreases to 4%.

Sell fees in general have a positive impact on the long term success of a project because they increase the liquidity ratio (Auto LP) and price.

Green Move distributes 50% of the fee to its holders, 20% are automatically burned, 15% are sent to a charity wallet and the remaining 15% are used for marketing and development.

What is Green Move?

Green Move is a multichain project aiming to build products which connect different smart chains together. These include a cross chain oracle, bridge, swap, NFT market, governance and wallet. All their products are fully decentralized and can be used by any other project to power their own ecosystem. Consensus is reached through their own blockchain where Green Move Token (GM) stakers become validators (Proof of Stake) to earn fees which are also paid in their native token.

Green Move Token will be available on all supported chains and comes with unique tokenomics designed for long term success. It is first deployed on Binance Smart Chain and launches on April 6th 2022 on PancakeSwap where they provide all tokens along with 100 BNB as initial liquidity in an anti-bot fair launch.

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