Green Beli Raises $1.1 Million for a Sustainable NFT Gaming Project

There has been a lot of talk among global leaders in the past year about the need to address climate change and establish goals to protect the planet from disasters like forest fires and coastal floods. However, more cooperation is necessary if we are to see the sort of transformation we need.

Green Beli may be a newcomer to the scene, but it still tackles an issue that has plagued the globe for decades. Green Beli was established in 2019 to promote a sustainable lifestyle and reduce plastic waste via media campaigns. Green Beli has had a significant impact on the environment and is currently working on a new initiative called the “Green Beli NFT Game.” There are plans to integrate the Green Map with other elements of the Genesis Project so that an eco-friendly metaverse is created.

Green Beli’s newest initiative is a fund-raising effort to raise awareness about the company’s environmentally friendly practices. Approximately 30% of the company’s income from the sale of tree seeds, land, and NFT products, or 10% of the total Green Beli Ecosystem Fund, will be given to the community and environmental projects. The game is built on the idea of rescuing the planet one tree at a time, and it accomplishes this aim by using the blockchain platform. The characters are Green Hero NFTs in the shape of Fire, Earth, Wood, Water, and Metal. These trees can be upgraded and come in a variety of rarities.

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