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BSCdaily – Admin: Hello and welcome, @GreenArrowToken How are you today? 

$GAT_ John A. (Will never DM you first): I’m doing great

Hope everybody is having a nice day!

BSCdaily – Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

$GAT_ John A. (Will never DM you first): Yes!

BSCdaily – Admin: Great

Let’s start with the first question

Q1: Could you please introduce yourself and tell us more about Green Arrow Token? 

$GAT_ John A. (Will never DM you first): So I’m John A. founder of $GAT. We started Green Arrow Token since 4 weeks ago (token launched 1 week ago). Why? Well, we saw the huge growth of the altcoins in BSC network and we wanted to tackle the altcoins market by offering a booster service for all token owners. In addition who will fulfill these services? Registered users around the world. So you and I can register and complete tasks made by token owners in order to earn rewards every day. This is the 1st product of $GAT Verse we have many more in our plans.

BSCdaily – Admin: Sounds interesting

Q2: When did you start to develop your project? What are the main obstacles you wanted to overcome?

$GAT_ John A. (Will never DM you first): We started conceptualizing 4 weeks ago and started app development about 2 weeks ago. Our plan is to finish our dashboard on desktop and once ready deploy it in-app version. So by the time it hits android and iPhone the app is fully functioning. Right now you can already go to to register and get a feel of our dashboard.

The problem we solve is to allow the token owners gain access to crowd marketing. Most paid marketing services right now are people from an office or call center upvoting on hundreds of computers.

What we want to do it open it up to the whole world and allow many people to gain a serious income by doing these upvotes on many major social media platforms. We have a youtube video on our website explaining in more detail.

Q3: What are the 3 main areas that you will focus on to make you both stand out in a competitive market and build long term sustainable growth?

$GAT_ John A. (Will never DM you first): So first of all we will focus on the Utility of our currency $GAT. $GAT will be used in all of our products. For example, the rewards pool in the booster app can only be funded in $GAT. Meaning if token owners want to use our services they need to pay in $GAT. If they want to promote their coins in our network it will be paid with $GAT and so on.

All products will be using $GAT.

Secondly, we will keep on adding new products and functionalities in our system. We won’t stop innovating and creating new projects and products.

Thirdly we will also do marketing with major influencers with millions of followers and so on.

BSCdaily – Admin: Happy to hear that!

Q4: What is the biggest milestone your project has achieved so far?

$GAT_ John A. (Will never DM you first): The biggest milestone so far is our core team. We have 7 core members who joined the $GAT community since the presale. $GAT was started by only 2 core people myself and my partner Adam. The 5 others we have in our group have major connections and skills which will make us soar as a project. All 7 of us have other successful businesses non-related to crypto and we will use all of our network to make the project gain traction.

We are all business-minded people. Not only people who created a smart contract and let it die.

Q5: Alright, let’s dive into your token $GAT. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of $GAT use cases?

$GAT_ John A. (Will never DM you first): So we wanted to let our investors earn money while investing with us. We know people can be very impatient in this crypto circle so we opted for a contract which gives an automatic payout in BNB every hour to all our holders.

When you hold $GAT you earn passive income in BNB without having to do anything, leave it in your wallet come back in a month and get shocked.

So $GAT takes 15% on all transactions of which:

11% goes to payout rewards in BNB (BNB Reflection)

4% goes to liquidity to keep it growing

By the way, Ownership has been renounced so we don’t own this contract.

Q6: Institutional fiancial backers are at risk, and money in digital form is extraordinary effective. How will you persuade them to come into the crypto space and invest in $GAT AMA items?

$GAT_ John A. (Will never DM you first): So this is sort of a philosophical question. I’ll answer it in our VC in $GAT telegram later in full but in brief:

Money in digital form is the future I think we all know this. The challenge now is how to overcome all the security flaws and scams in this industry, until we solve this many people will be hesitant to join our crypto community.

What does $GAT offer for this problem?

We are creating an anti-rug launchpad after the booster app. So once we have tens of thousands of registered users our company will have a real asset and token owners would want to launch in our launchpad. I think many people here are tired of Rugs including me, I have also been rugged a few times. So in our platform, we will offer a type of security which will ensure only legit projects are launched from us.

So what we offer is to contribute to fight against such people who want to just scam people and make fast money, there is nothing more damaging to the crypto image than this.

Since we are decentralized community.

BSCdaily – Admin: Good to know that!

Let’s jump to next question.

Q7: Does $GAT get audited?

$GAT_ John A. (Will never DM you first): Yes our contract is audited by Techrate and we have renounced ownership So it’s 100% safe.

Q8: So, where can we buy $GAT?

$GAT_ John A. (Will never DM you first): Right now on Pancakeswap V2

We will be listed later on on other exchanges

Q9: And, what is your plan for the future? What projects will come to attract investors to entrust their money for the development of your project?

$GAT_ John A. (Will never DM you first):

We have 4 projects right now:

– Booster app will be our foundation

– Gaming rewards platform (we will offer many different games to our community) By the way our lottery smart contract game will be finalized and out within a few days.

– Anti-Rug Launchpad. This is the second biggest milestone which will boost us up in Market Cap

– FIAT integration. To make $GAT verse easier to access for new crypto users

Please note we are building all the functionalities now. When all is working without any major bugs we will hire a UX professional to completely overhaul the User Interface and make it super easy to use for new crypto beginners.

Think of making the app very simple to use without any complications.

Many apps today in crypto can only be understood by those already in crypto.

Q10: Finally, where can we find out more about Green Arrow Token?

$GAT_ John A. (Will never DM you first): Website:

Youtube Video:

Tiktok User testimony:

I will do a VC on $GAT channel today so those who want to chat are more than welcome.

Be sure to watch our YT video to see how our app will work also!

Our lottery game system will also be up soon so people can start checking it out in a couple of days.

Functionalities are being developed and design will be the final stage, then we will launch this smart contract. It will be fully automatic

BSCdaily – Admin: Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community? @GreenArrowToken

$GAT_ John A. (Will never DM you first):  All good

Thanks Rachel!

BSCdaily – Admin: Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for Green Arrow Token.

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