Great Reset AMA Recap hosts Great Reset: the classiest DeFi project on Binance Smart Chain

Maximilian: Hi everyone !

BSCdaily – Admin: Hello and welcome to BSC Daily, @maximillianv! How is your day?

Maximilian: Thanks! looking forward to the AMA and sharing our story

BSCdaily – Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

Maximilian: Let’s do this

BSCdaily – Admin: That’s the spirit, let’s kick this off with an intro of your project

Q1: What is Great Reset all about? Give us a little summary

Maximilian: Sure thing

Before we start, we want to thank you and @BSC_Daily for hosting this AMA. We look forward to answering all of the questions coming from the community. We are very excited about our future roadmap, and really feel this will bring something new to the scene.

On the Great Reset project, this is essentially a new platform that will combine the auto-yield/reflection function of a token with the added ability to earn and trade NFT’s in your wallet.

This would then all come together in a very unique themed game, where these NFT collectibles and RESET tokens can be used in a game. Think of this as a combination of CryptoKitties with Safemoon with Clash of Clans. The illuminati/secret society theme game would involve our known crypto heroes like Satoshi and CZ vs the likes of Rothschild etc. You could earn your NFT hero and use them in the game.

Q2: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Maximilian: Sure, where to start

I’m Max, born and raised in the Netherlands, always been an early adopter of new tech/digital developments. Joined the crypto scene back in the early days of 2014 where most of the stuff was only happening on

The last few years I have been the founder of an Amsterdam (Netherlands) based digital consultancy agency with a core team of 6. Our specialized work consists mainly of launching and developing innovative concepts or being part of larger lab projects at multinationals that are piloting new digital technologies.

We’ve already had the chance to work on some nice projects with known brands that played around with DLT/Blockchain. An example would be the integration of NFT sneaker collectibles for a famous sports brand, we’ve done this integration in their native app as part of a loyalty program.

Q3: Why did you and your team decide to build Great Reset?

Maximilian: Good question. I think that decision to build Great Reset came around the end of last year, looking at the increasing hype of NFT’s and the mass market adoption started to make us think about a great use case for the Binance Smart Chain NFT BEP721. Looking at all of the events in the world, we felt that a popular/controversial theme could resonate with the crypto scene. Plus we love gaming.

We then studied the market on which token models are popular to the community, and decided to build something similar to the Safemoon reflection model. This would essentially be our “New Normal” or “Great Reset” of the token scene, combined with the NFT collectible usecase and some unique ways to monetize gaming with our RESET token.

Q4: Let’s dive into your token $RESET. Can you share with us your tokenomics?

Maximilian: Sure. Before we started, we compared many funding/raising models – varying from traditional ICO route to the IDO/IEX models. However, we came to the conclusion that the best adoption would be from a grassroots approach. For that reason we have worked out a Token Economy where the majority is raised to support the “birth/existence” of the token whilst benefiting the community. This would basically make Great Reset a real community token, with a community development part.

We have a very simple setup:  1 Trillion RESET is the total amount of tokens:

The first 20% of tokens are burned, then 25% is allocated to the PancakeSwap LP with a multiyear DXlock. For the Presale we are offering 40% of all tokens, in return for 400 BNB of which 100% are locked.

In order to expand in the community we offered 1% as Airdrops, and lastly 14% is allocated as the Reserve or Development fund. This is locked with TrustSwap for 6 months, with a small monthly vesting to ensure we can cover costs like marketing – development and CEX fees.

We will highlight all of these developments in our monthly transparency report for the community. In the end, we will BUIDL the Great Reset for the community of holders.

Q5: 40% of the $RESET token sold in the Presale are UNLOCKED?

Maximilian: Maybe good to clarify. All of the 400BNB raised in the Presale in return for $RESET tokens are locked. The RESET tokens will be distributed to the Presale participants.

We haven chosen this path in order to benefit our community, and ensure a trustworthy Presale

Q6: Is there a limit on how much one can buy in the Presale?

Maximilian: We have limited the RESET presale at 10 BNB for each participants, the reason behind this was to ensure we cater to all tiers of investors – big and small. As this is also common in different types of raising rounds. The presale should be able to offer everyone a fair chance to obtain their RESET tokens.

Q7: How about the minimum contribution?

Maximilian: Sure, for the RESET presale the minimum contribution has been set to 1 BNB. The same reasoning as mentioned earlier for the cap/limit. We have a real roadmap with goals we want to achieve, and launching a very cool and unique product. We feel a minimum of 1 BNB will build our first group of holders that could help realize this product together

Q8: Great, can you share with us some of $RESET use cases? What can users do with the token?

Maximilian: The RESET token is essentially the foundation of the Great Reset ecosystem. We wanted our RESET holders to be rewarded for playing/collecting, whilst all transactions made are taxed and contributing to the ecosystem. The Great Reset token model is essentially incentivizing our community with holding.

On the other side we have a mechanism where each performed transaction will contribute to the LP, thus ensuring an active token ecosystem. The RESET token will also be tied to new BEP721 NFT’s that will be created and can be stored and earned in our new soon to be released Great Reset wallet. In the end this should all come together in the Great Reset game once we are progressing on the roadmap.

Q9: Where can we buy $RESET?

Maximilian: Good question

I think or hope that is the question everybody was looking for right?

Our presale is planned this Thursday on the 27th of May. DXsale will be starting the presale at 15:00 (CEST). After the presale we will be trading on PancakeSwap once the DXsale has been finalized. We hope that everyone has a chance to obtain an allocation of RESET tokens.

One thing I wanted to add, which is a new update. We have managed to secure 2 CEX (Central Exchanges) listings together with our listing on PancakeSwap. This means you will be able to trade RESET on multiple exchanges in the coming 2 weeks.

Q10: Great news! What can we expect in the next 3 months and in 2021 as a whole?

Maximilian: Looking at our first Quarter goals and roadmap, the first phase would be essentially laying the foundation for our RESET token. The RESET token would need to be widely available in many places and in a very user friendly manner. For that reason we will work together with many partners and several exchanges, whilst ensuring our data is displayed on websites like coinmarketcap and coingecko.

The first and second quarter is also the period where we expect Great Reset will be going viral, we have a lot of great things lined up that would shake up the community in a positive way.

If we look further on the roadmap and the next Q’s, the focus is very much on launching our own wallet and the NFT BEP721 integrations. For these parts we are working together with partners that have great experiences in the NFT scene. We also hope to have the first MVP of our wallet with NFT integration by Q4.

I also want to add that the fact of revealing our team and personal details/doxxing is probably also in some minds, the short answer is that we will reveal all of this in time – including a new company that we will set up for this project. We have a real ambitious roadmap, that needs a proper foundation.

Once we have a successful presale, it would essentially mean our roadmap has been validated by the community.

Our first goal is to have the most save/fair (rug-proof) and transparent presale, hence we have done everything to mitigate any risks and earn the trust of our investors. Let’s work together on really building something cool.

Q11: Where can we find out more about Great Reset?

Maximilian: Sure, you can read more about us at our official website:

Our community can be found at our telegram channel

And folks can follow us on twitter via

BSCdaily – Admin: Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community? @maximillianv

Maximilian: Thank you all! We really hope you’ve had a little impression about us and the Great Reset project. Please do join our Telegram or follow us on Twitter. I think the coming months you will hopefully see us being mentioned a lot

BSCdaily – Admin: It was a pleasure having you @maximillianv Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for Great Reset.

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