Grant Programs Propelling Blockchain Ecosystem Development in 2022

Thanks to ecosystem grants, builders are still building despite the crumbling market prices.

Amid the Market Downturn

The recent collapse in crypto prices has led to lower market participation, ultimately affecting revenue for Web3 projects and the ability to continue building valuable features and products. However, thanks to various ecosystem grants, builders continue to raise seed funds, ramp up hiring, and build products that will lead to the next phase of Web3 adoption. Here’s a selection of ecosystem grants covered by BSC News in 2022.

Rareboard Gets BNB Chain Grant to Build Out New Features

NFT marketplace aggregator, Rareboard, became the latest on the list to get awarded a BNB Chain ecosystem grant. The team intends to use the funds to ramp up hiring and build out some critical non-revenue generating that will make the NFT space better for BNB Chain users.

Learn more about the grant and the exciting features Rareboard is introducing here.

Gitcoin Grants Earn Massive Institutional Backing

Gitcoin has been instrumental in the birth of many thriving Web3 platforms, including Uniswap, POAP, and BanklessHQ. Earlier this year, Gitcoin commenced its Grant Round 14 (GR14) to help fund new promising Web3 projects. The rounds were backed by some prominent ecosystem partners.

Learn about GR14 here.

Alien Worlds Introduce Grant Program for Community Development

In the second quarter of 2022, Alien Worlds launched the Galactic Hubs Grant Program to help fund its community members who can drive software development and community-building innovations. Members who want to contribute to the expansion of Alien Worlds now have an opportunity.

Learn about the grant program and its underlying benefits here.

BNB Grant DAO Lands Hundreds of Contributors in 10 Days

Combined efforts from BNB Chain and DoraHacks saw the host of the first-ever 50-day global BNB Chain Hackathon, “Revelation,” featuring funding from contributors and $10 million in prizes. Post-launch, DoraHacks created the BNB Chain Grant DAO, which recorded hundreds of contributors within the first week.

Learn more about the Revelation Hackathon BNB Grant here.

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