Gotcha Incentivises Users With a Weekly GOAT Airdrop

Active users on the Gotcha NFT platform will be eligible for a share of GOAT rewards just by using the marketplace.

Airdrop Incoming

NFT marketplace Gotcha is incentivizing activity on its platform with a weekly airdrop of up to 1 GOAT, the native token of the ecosystem. The airdrop will apply to users who have been active on the platform in the previous week, with the most active users receiving the largest share of the rewards. 1 GOAT is currently valued at around $1,000, meaning the potential returns for participation on the platform are significant.



To be eligible to receive a share of the weekly Gotcha airdrop users must be active on the platform, either buying, selling, or trading NFTs. To qualify for the reward users must have used Gotcha to buy or sell NFTs in the previous seven days before the airdrop takes place. After the airdrop concludes the process begins once more, incentivizing regular use of the platform.

GOAT rewards are distributed on a proportional basis based on the volume traded for that specific address. This means that the more you trade on Gotcha, the more GOAT rewards you can receive at the end of each week.

NFTs on the BSC

Gotcha is part of a growing NFT market on Binance Smart Chain, joining the likes of Refinable as specialists in the sector. Besides specialists, a growing number of exchanges are now also providing NFT markets as part of their suite of services, including Binance, Gemini, and most recently FTXPancakeSwap and BakerySwap also have their own NFT sections, with BakerySwap also providing gamified NFTs which confer bonuses to users.

Fast transaction times and low fees on Binance Smart Chain make the ecosystem an increasingly attractive choice for NFT lovers seeking to avoid high costs and slow speeds, both of which go hand in hand with trading on other chains such as Ethereum.

Concluding Thoughts

NFT fans are now well served on Binance Smart Chain, with quality marketplaces now rewarding users to regularly participate on the platform. In a competitive NFT landscape, Gotcha’s airdrop rewards for regular users may be one way that the platform can give itself an edge. 

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