Gooodfellas to Feature BSC News in Dynamic Hacked NFTs

The Gooodfellas community is hyped! The new dynamic NFTs are an innovation with major potential.

Gooodfellas + BSC News

The Gooodfellas NFT project has released new dynamic NFTs for the second round of its Hacked game. A known feature on Ethereum, Gooodfellas is the first BNB Chain project to leverage Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to bring advertising to Web3 games.

The dynamic NFTs will feature NFT sponsorship spots, and the team has also agreed to include advertising for BSC News within the new NFTs. The new advertising feature is a small step, but one that brings massive potential to BNB Chain. With the likes of major brands – think the Guccis and NIKEs of the world – slowly beginning to advertise on Web3, small projects like Gooodfellas can set an example for how to successfully manage such innovations to an active community.

“This could be the future of NFTs on BNB Chain,” Project Lead KC told BSC News. “Innovation on BNB Chain is slow behind Ethereum, but I think we’re the first to do Dynamic NFTs like this on BNB Chain. We’re excited to bring these Web3 innovations to the BNB community.”


The latest feature development adds more excitement to the Hacked game that ended Round One with rousing success. The community excitement around the Hacked game drew thousands of users and a final prize of over 12 BNB. With thousands of users having played Round One, the team behind the project expects to see equal enthusiasm for the new dynamic NFTs and lots of eyes on the advertisements.

Gooodfellas continues to innovate on top of an already popular NFT collection on BNB Chain. The Phase 2 staking is now live with a reward center on the way. The project has big ambitions on its roadmap, like its Phase 3 Goood AI image generation tool, which will let users create their own NFTs.

Round 2 of the Hacked Game began on Halloween and will run until the last NFT remains. The prize pot is set at 12.6 BNB.

What Is GooodFellas NFT:

GooodFellas NFTs is a new platform on BNB Chain that plans to launch four unique collections. The NFT project from three prominent digital artists – VachehNino Defoq, and RamDesign – launched its first collection, Binions, in July followed by another mint called Mertoads. The project’s roadmap has more collaborations locked in for the end of 2022, including a collection together with Cecy Meade.

Where to find GooodFellas NFT:

Website | Twitter | Telegram

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