GoofyDoge – The Connection Between Cartoons and The Crypto World

GoofyDoge, a platform meant to bridge the digital and real-world by connecting the cartoons universe with the crypto one was launched.

What is GoofyDoge?

The GoofyDoge platform was inspired by the Goofy character from Disney, which represents the ideal picture of clumsy people. But the thing about Goofy is that, even though it is a clumsy character, it has always been a loving dog and always treated others truly and without expecting anything in return.  

So, the project’s staff has provided the ideal environment for people to get together and form a friendly and kind-hearted community, much like the Goofy character expressing friendships with the community uniquely and authentically.  

What do They Have to Offer?  

Even though the platform is new to the market, it already has various features and approaches to meet the needs of consumers.  

GoofyDoge has a token with Dogecoin Dividends that is divided into two levels:  

DOGE Dividend Level 1: if you hold 528,000,000, which is 0.01% of the total supply, you will receive 2% from each transaction.  

DOGE Dividend Level 2: if you hold 5,280,000,000, which is 0.1% of the total supply, you will receive another 3% from each transaction.  

Once ready, the Doge dividends will be distributed automatically. The dividends of the two levels will be accumulated, which means that if the user holds more than 5.280 billion, they will receive the sum ratio of L1 and L2 dividends (5%).  

The overall token supply of the GoofyDoge is of 5,280 trillion. On November 18th, 2021, they had a presale which is now concluded having a total of 2,360 trillion tokens. That means that they had left with 2,688 trillion for the liquidity.  

Aside from that, the Goofy platform will soon open an NFT Marketplace where users can earn large rewards with a cutting-edge interface that runs on the Binance Smart Chain.  

But that is not all; the site also has a Goofy’s Roulette Game, where users can receive new advantages, bonuses, and more, giving big rollers and new gamers alike a chance to win double or triple on Goofy Doge or even the jackpot. When it comes to trustworthiness, they do not disappoint their users because they have already completed their first audit with TechRate.  

In terms of partnerships, they have recently been listed on CoinMarketCap and PancakeSwap, with many more on the way.  

Ending Note  

The platform establishes a relationship to which every fan of cartoon movies may relate, bringing greater delight into their lives. GoofyDoge aims to be the next Grand Token; with extraordinarily unique tokenomics designed by a team of skilled developers, GoofyDoge is on its way to the future currency with Disney.  

To stay up to speed on everything related to the GoofyDoge platform, follow them on social media and prepare to be a part of Disney’s blockchain journey.


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