Golden Bros Launch Binance NFT Presale

The NFT Presale sold out just moments after its launch on the Binance NFT marketplace.

Successful NFT Presale

Golden Bros (GB) Non-fungible Token (NFT) presale went live on Monday, April 25 at 11:00 UTC. The GameFi platform sold out all 10,000 units shortly after the sales commenced on the Binance NFT marketplace

The immediate sell-out is unsurprising due to the protocol’s decision to update users about the GB NFT presale, including other upcoming events. As reported by BSC News on April 15, the NetMarble-powered platform disclosed the date and time for its recent NFT presale. Additionally, it is the protocol’s third presale on Binance NFT, as seen from its tweet on April 25, published moments after the successful quick sale. 

“3rd Binance NFT Presale Sold Out!! Shortly after the sales on 4/25 (Mon) 11:00 (UTC). All 10,000 units were sold rapidly! Thank you so much for your support,” Golden Bros wrote. 


After the brief NFT presale, users can now look forward to its fourth presale on April 27 at 11:00 UTC. The upcoming presale will precede the game’s early access launch for users. Golden Bros will make the game available on PC, Android, and IOS for four weeks, starting from April 28. 

The game’s early access trailer is live on the Netmarble YouTube page, and interested users can watch it HERE. Golden Bros promises users a fierce 3v3 crypto battle. The PlayToEarn (P2E) game will offer dynamic scenes and addictive gameplay for users to play and earn GBC tokens, the native cryptocurrency of the Golden Bros ecosystem. In the meantime, users can once again prepare for its next NFT presale, scheduled for April 27. 

What is Netmarble:

Netmarble Corp. is a South Korean mobile game developer. It is South Korea’s largest mobile-gaming company which was founded in 2000 by Bang Jun-hyuk. Netmarble F&C is the subsidiary of Netmarble, which aims to bring the quality of traditional gaming to the crypto sector and offer crypto users the opportunity to enjoy the best of both crypto utility and traditional gaming excellence. 

Where to find Netmarble:

Website | Twitter | LinkedIn |

What is Golden Bros:

Golden Bros is an intense and addictive 3v3 combat shooter game powered by blockchain for all GameFi enthusiasts. The game is free to play, and users can earn rewards from real-time gaming ecosystem made possible by Netmarble. 

Where to find Golden Bros:

Website | Twitter | Discord |

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