Gold Rush Finance, The First BNB Mining game with Safe Rewards Oracle

Built on the Binance Smart Chain Network, Gold Rush Finance is an exciting BNB mining game with a Wild West theme. Gather your mining team and start looking for the BNB Treasure vaults.


An NFT Game-Fi initiative called GRUSH Finance aims to provide gamers with both gameplay and passive revenue. Their ground-breaking “Safe rewards” feature puts you in charge of your prizes and keeps them secure.

Users may play our mining game on our platform to earn BNB prizes and/or run a yield farm to generate passive $GRUSH revenue.

The launch of the game token, $GRUSH, will take place on the Binance Smart Chain. Players may purchase Miner, Farmer, and Gunmen NFTs on the GRUSH platform with the $GRUSH token. Depending on your overall agricultural power, you are awarded tokens. You may harvest more tokens the more powerful your Farmer NFTs are.

BNB Mining

Bring together your team of shooters and miners. Send them out to mine BNB in the mountains. There are rumored to be BNB treasure chests concealed.

$GRUSH Farming

The land that your father owned is now yours. Rebuild it and employ many of people to bring in passive money. You will make more money cultivating these rich lands the more worker NFTs you have!

Why they focus on economy

GRUSH 3 pillars economy

1.Closed Loop Economy

The GRUSH economy is planned as a closed loop deflationary mechanism that keeps profits for farmers and players while balancing the distribution to regulate the price of the GRUSH token.

The mining rewards pool receives a sizable chunk of slippage tax, the liquidity pool receives a smaller share, and the GRUSH Farm rewards pool receives the balance.

2.GRUSH BNB Rewards Oracle

To maintain the stability of your rewards, GRUSH has created an inventive auto-swap mechanism. Your prizes from the game will be handed to you as BNB. You may redeem your prizes at any time, and their in-game system will immediately switch it into GRUSH.

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It is quite difficult for many P2E games to maintain steady payout values. Your token awards may be worth $1,000 one day when the chart is strong, but just $200 the next day the trend declines.

Every time you want to collect your rewards, you will always be paid in $GRUSH depending on your BNB value since they keep your rewards value to BNB here in $GRUSH. Due to players’ increased confidence in playing for an extended period of time, this is great for the game’s longevity and economics.

3.Deflationary NFT Mechanism

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You are promised 100% of base earnings for each task your worker NFTs complete. One of your employees, nevertheless, might pass away while on the mission. The lower the likelihood of a fatality, the higher your crew’s gunpower. The cycle and minting of the NFTs remain ongoing thanks to this NFT Burning function. It promotes the ongoing recycling of $GRUSH tokens into the gaming industry.

5 tiers of NFTs: 1 star – 5 star

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First look of the game

Miners Finding Treasure Chest

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Gunmen Protecting miners while mining

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$GRUSH is the official in-game currency of GOLD RUSH finance. 

GRUSH Detail

Ticker: GRUSH

Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000 GRUSH

Every time a player buys or sells $GRUSH, a larger percentage of $GRUSH will go to the game rewards pool ensuring a constant payout of rewards.

A lesser amount goes to the $GRUSH farm rewards pool.

Finally a small amount goes to the liquidity pool to ensure a stable price floor for the project.

GRUSH Distribution

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Q1 2022

GRUSH Initial game Conceptualization

NFT characters concept art and draft

Website and game APP UI v1

GRUSH Farming mechanics and token schedule release calculation


GRUSH Economy & Tokenomics feasability test

Alpha GRUSH game development (smart contracts, game UI etc.)

Treasure Chest bonus implementation in game.

Q2 2022

Start of social campaigns in TG, Twitter, Discord etc.

GRUSH Community contest

Website and game APP UI v2

Seed Sale A

GRUSH mining game Beta v1 test bug finding contest with seed sale A investors

Seed Sale B

GRUSH mining game Beta v2 test bug finding contest with seed sale A & B investors

GRUSH IDO Whitelist Contest

Q3 2022

Marketplace release

Marketing push with influencers and NFT game specialists

BETA V3 ready and final testing

Public Presale on 3rd party trusted platform


CMC & Coingecko

PR Collaborations

Listing on serious DEFI platforms 

Q4 2022

Implementation of new GRUSH Dashboard features V1

GRUSH Farming UI and UX improvement with new added game interaction

Addition of new side missions for Gunmen NFT ONLY

Marketing push with big influencers in crypto space

New NFT characters added to the NFT pool

Leaderboard implementation displaying top Farmer and Miner score

Partnership expansion


Listing on Centralized Finance platforms

Implementation of new game modes

Ecosystem development with Fintech implementations

Cross-Chain exploration


GRUSH Liquidity Farming


One way investors are profiting from the NFT frenzy is through NFT games. Many NFT games have built-in financial models that let users gain money as they play. The economic potential might expand if NFT gaming becomes more popular. It’s intriguing to see how some games are starting to stand out as gamers’ potential money generators.

With the modern 3-pillar economy, Gold Rush Finance is currently among the most exciting NFT games. Gold Rush is excellent for people looking for passive incomes as well as those who like playing games and earning money. Gold Rush is a solid long-term investment because of the 3-pillar economy’s robust foundation and consistent price growth.

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