GMR Teases Alpha Gameplay of Battle Leet

Developers showcased the different skills and gave away prizes on their livestream.

Alpha Glimpse

GMR Center recently released a gameplay alpha demo of Battle Leet, the first PlayAndEarn blockchain game on their platform.

The team hosted a streaming event on Aug. 2. The game built on BNB Chain is a skill-based arena battler designed for PC. The team highlighted the four available skills for each of the five body parts that a Battle Leet can have. Apart from the gameplay demo, the team also gave away $100 worth of $GMR and a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) to two lucky viewers of their stream.

“Probably expect to see a little bit more about [Battle Leet] over the coming weeks,” Marc, one of the developers of Battle Leets, said on the stream. “We’re trying to time the release to allow people to accumulate the right collection of assets and attributes that they want [before] the beta test. There are 10,000 passes in circulation that will give you access to the beta test.”


The devs also shared a unique feature currently called “immortalization,” giving players the option to mint their Battle Leets after building that connection from battling in the Arena.

Battle Leets’ skills vary depending on a player’s play style. There are skills with an area of effect, speed bursts or teleports, range or melee damage, and more.

According to their roadmap, Web3 integration, gameplay mechanics, and game launches are ahead for Battle Leets.

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