GMR Finance Gives Away 10 NFT in Honor of Binance 1 Year Anniversary

GMR Finance supports the Binance Smart Chain with a massive give-away showdown as the network celebrates one year in the industry.

GMR Finance Celebrates BSC’s 1 Year Anniversary

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) will be celebrating its first anniversary come September 1st. To honor BSC’s massive success during this short time, GMR Finance will be hosting a giveaway worth $25,000 $GMR and free Non-fungible tokens (NFT). 

The GameFi protocol will be giving away 10 NFTs to show appreciation for being part of the BSC ecosystem, which has experienced immense growth in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. GMR Finance Tweeted on 29th August about the giveaway while also celebrating its partnership with BSC. 

“We’re happy to announce a partnership with BSC as part of their first anniversary. To celebrate #GMR is giving away $25k & 10 RETRO 1 #NFTs,” the tweet read. 

The $25,000 will go to 500 lucky winners, each of which will receive $50. On the other hand, the NFTs will be given to 10 lucky winners — 1 GMR RETRO NFT each. The rewards will be claimed within five working days after the conclusion of the celebration. 


How to Participate? 

Everyone stands a chance to claim rewards by completing the following easy steps, according to GMR Finance’s August 29th tweet. Here are the instructions: 

Make sure you have a Twitter account. 

Login to Twitter and follow @BinanceChain and @GMR_Finance.

Retweet/Quote GMR x Binance Giveaway Tweet and add the Hashtags #1YearofBSC #BeyondtheBigBang #GMR. You can also reply to the tweet to increase your chances of winning. 

Fill out the GMR form to submit your entry. 

Moving Forward

Since launching on 4th May, GMR Finance has only provided a token that can be traded. However, the platform will bring more use cases to its users this September. 

According to its Tweet on 27th August, its native $GMR token will add a lot of usefulness for gamers in the GMR Finance ecosystem. 

“Since launch on May 4th GMR has been nothing but a token that you can buy & sell. September brings that token to LIFE!  True utility, NFT hub, Socials and streaming by the end of the year,” GMR Finance posted on Twitter. “Gamers, get ready for a GAME changer! We are GMR! Gamers never die, we respawn!” 

The Tweet drives massive anticipation for the GameFi protocol’s productivity. Although there are question marks as to whether GMR Finance will deliver, current signs are favorable for the GameFi protocol. Without changing the subject upon us, happy birthday in advance to Binance Smart Chain from BSC News.

What is GMR Finance? 

GMR Finance is a gaming community with a utility token like no other. The GMR token offers users exclusive content, premium creator partnerships, NFTs, and many more. In essence, GMR Finance is gaming crypto by gamers built for gamers, bringing crypto and gaming together, all in one place. 

Where to find GMR Finance:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | 

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