GMR Center Gives Sneak Peak to Leet Gameplay

The team has offered a view into its all-new gameplay feature as they move toward the launch of fresh Leet NFTs.

Gameplay Revealed as NFT Launch Readied

GMR Center has been busy at work as they finalize aspects of gameplay and put together the final touches on their NFLs (Non-Fungible Leets). 

The gameplay function, better known as ‘Battle Leet’, appears to be making important progress as the team offered users a peek through Twitter on March 30. The battle mode will ensure users have the opportunity to gain ample rewards while simultaneously enjoying the game.

Non-Fungible Leets

To be able to enjoy this feature properly users will have to get their hands on the exclusive new Non-Fungible Leets set to be released. 

Plans have been in place as far back as October for the latest NFT collection and the team have been making important progress.

GMR Center has explained that 10,000 randomly generated and unique NFTs, all based on Leet’s character, will be made available. They are designed with a unique combination of features, each will have some advantages when we are ready to launch a game. 

The Non-Fungible Leets are a limited supply, and the team hopes they will become pieces of art alongside the fact they will offer gaming utility. 

There are no price distinctions for the NFLs on offer and you won’t know which one you’re going to receive, but with different levels of rarity, the NFLs will certainly increase in value. 

The team has already set the price of each NFL at 0.45 BNB. 

“For every NFL you mint, you will earn 5% royalties. Yes, that’s right, you’ll be regarded the ‘artist’ for that mint and each time the NFL changes hands, you’ll get 5% of the transaction,” GMR Center explained in an initial website post announcing the collection launch. 

What is GMR Center 

GMR Center is a utility token that focuses on gaming and gamer experience. They term themselves as gaming crypto by gamers, for gamers. GMR Center is a tech start-up with headquarters based in Manchester, UK, working with remote teams from across the world. The team at Gamer Finance is building tools with cutting-edge Web3 technology to revolutionize the gaming world. Our team is made up of a group of gamers and developers with years of experience in the industries of gaming, web development, marketing, business, and finance. 

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