Gloryallstar – A Brand New Gamefi Metaverse 2.0 That Promises To Explode In The Future

Recently, Metaverse has really become a craze that even technology giants cannot ignore. And besides, the power of blockchain games further strengthens this trend, thereby forming another hot trend, GameFi. The fact is that GameFi also has its own path and gradually becomes an extremely hot new industry.

To be different in that GameFi jungle, GloryAllstar pioneered the personal distributed node ecosystem and the play-for-money ecosystem to build a metaverse 2.0. It uses the publicity and transparency of blockchain technology and token incentive mechanism to solve problems such as unequal distribution of user rights and ownership of player assets, and commits to create a free, open and mutually beneficial metaverse game system.

I. Introduction

1. What is GloryAllstar?

GloryAllstar is a new generation metaverse game platform based on GameFi elements and multi-chain blockchain technology. Teams and players will jointly build an integrated game system where players can easily find their favorite games and get a rich one-stop gaming experience.

At the same time, superior features such as GloryAllstar’s unique individual distributed nodes, cluster node ecosystem, $MOBA token economy, and NFT system will infuse a steady stream of vitality into the platform, incentivizing users use from all parties involved in building the platform and promoting the development platform, promoting the construction of the industry chain of encrypted games from upstream to downstream, and building the metaverse game platform new generation!

2. Why GloryAllstar can become the next generation metaverse game platform and lead the GameFi economy

Governance of the DAO community.

The DAO is the foundation of the metaverse. In GloryAllstar’s design, the community builds and enforces the rules of the platform to realize a truly distributed community co-governance ecosystem, and players receive the GloryAllstar platform’s motivation according to their contributions. their.

With GloryAllstar, the DAO includes developers, players and institutional investors. The members of the DAO organization integrate mining, node and ecological building through GloryAllstar’s unique $MOBA token economy model, to create a truly autonomous, long-running and all-inclusive community. Everyone benefits is the play to earn mechanism..

Super deflationary mechanism.

The game has only 1 token, which is $MOBA. Every game circulation and trading circulation of the platform will trigger 3% redemption and burn of tokens.

For example, if public chain circulation equals 2 million pieces per day, 60,000 tokens will be destroyed. A large amount of circulation will trigger extreme deflation, controlling token circulation at all times, and an extreme deflationary token economy will guarantee the value of $MOBA.

3. Perfect node ecosystem.

There are many highlights in GloryAllstar’s platform design, such as groundbreaking multi-chain technology, DAO community autonomy, P2E playing method, etc., but the mechanics make GloryAllstar popular with its first individual player community number worldwide. distributed node ecology.

GloryAllstar node is one of the important ways to mine platform tokens. Node owners will receive $MOBA tokens and airdrop rewards of limited edition NFTs. In the future, with NFT’s appreciation space, they will receive greater benefits.

The nodes support the GloryAllstar network by providing hash computing power. When the computational demand in the network is too great, nodes can get higher incentives by providing hashing computing power and storage capacity.

Users can get incentives by buying and running nodes and inviting others to buy and run nodes, including base rewards and invitation rewards up to 10%. With this mechanism, a large number of node networks are spread.

The foundation node consists of four nodes: the Genesis node, the selected node, the global node, and the Airdrop node. In the initial phase of the project, players can run the node themselves and receive incentives. Among them, there are a total of 30 Genesis nodes, which is a very rare node certificate. Holding Genesis nodes will receive airdrops of legendary NFTs and unique in-game badges; The selected node is a special node. Initial sale price is $1000. The price of each node token sold will increase by 0.03% and the final 200 node coupons will be 6 times the original price; The initial sale price of a regular node is $100 and the price of each node token sold is 0.08%. The price of the final 2000 node coupons will be 8 times the original price; The sooner you get the node, the lower the price. Airdrop node is used as an incentive for users of the entire platform and players can have it just by paying some gas fees.

4. The first game on the platform of GloryAllstar

MOBA – GloryAllstar’s Global First Game – is in beta testing and will launch this March.

MOBA is an online multiplayer battle arena game. It adopts the current most popular P2E mode and gets $MOBA token rewards through PVP, PVE and other modes. As the next generation Metaverse game platform, Glory Allstar is building its own indie Metaverse multiplayer IP and building the multiplayer interaction system. In addition to the MOBA games, there are also online multiplayer entertaining and relaxing farming games like War of Dogeking and more. $MOBA tokens will be run across multiple game ecosystems to enhance the actual value of the platform’s overall $MOBA economy token.

II. Glory Allstar’s Vision

After the rapid growth in 2021, GameFi’s boom period will begin. Global giants and market funds have joined the Metaverse gaming ecosystem, from which extraordinary applications will explode in the future. From the point of view of strong user community, rich game ecosystem, valuable $MOBA eco token and super playable node eco design, GloryAllstar has got the potential of a game eco platform Play the giant Metaverse.

As the world’s first platform that perfectly combines Metaverse, multi-chain technology, node ecosystem and GameFi system, GloryAllstar is sure to be sought after by many players around the world.

III. Roadmap

Quarter 4: 2021
➣ Finish the whitepaper Glory Allstar
➣ Set up the Foundation and Legal Structure
➣ GloryAllstar Platform Technology Framework

Quarter 1: 2022
➣ Ecological perfection of node system
➣ First game online
➣ BEP20 token contract audit
➣ Blockchain wallet access

Quarter 2: 2022
➣ NFT market development
➣ NFT contract audit
➣ Role lP and classic lP linkage
➣ Research and development of game ecology

Quarter 3: 2022
➣ Market 2.0
➣ Achieve 1 million users
➣ Enrich game ecology

Quarter 4: 2022
➣ Start game asset lending
➣ Complete cross chain transactions
➣ Start the program that the node terminal should use
➣ Community DAO Autonom

IV. GloryAllstar tokenomics

The platform token is $MOBA Gamer (aka $MOBA)

$MOBA is the only token of GloryAllstar ecosystem and the only currency that supports Allstar’s huge game ecosystem

$MOBA can be earned by:
⧫ Join as a node . ecosystem collaborator
⧫ Participate in daily activities and games
⧫ Farming Rewards

$MOBA holders will be entitled to participate in the operation and voting of the platform.

⏵52%: All 20 years have been released
⏵30%: All 15 years have been released
⏵8%: All 2 years have been released
⏵3%: Reserved for future ecological development
⏵2%: As a reward
⏵5%: Large flow

Token distribution:

➧ Nodes:52%,520,000000 $MOBA
The nodes will be used as a reward system for the contributors of the node ecology. Glory Allstar has specifically designed an Inflation Token Release Mechanism that is eyed to be released in 20 years.

➧ Playing Games:30%,300,000,000 $MOBA
This token distribution is allotted to daily game and racing ranking rewards. Glory Allstar has also developed an Output Mechanism for the game which decreases every year.

➧ Ecological Construction:3% 30,000,000 $MOBA
This distribution is allocated to future ecological developments of the game. This includes game incubation, social media marketing, and community activities. The tokens will be locked at the project launch node. Future announcements to release specific portions of tokens will be made as needed.

➧ Farm:8%,80,000,000 $MOBA
This will be allocated to the early project token holders of the project who pledged tokens to obtain any additional returns. Moreover,

➧ Foundation: 2% 20,000,000 $MOBA
This distribution is primarily for rewards to project founders, employees, and advisors. Moreover, a 38-month tiered vesting period and 6-month lock-up period will be established by Glory Allstar from launch of the project.

Thus, only those who stayed with the project for 8 months can be subject to this incentive.

➧ Liquidity pool: 5% 50,000,000 $MOBA
This distribution represents the rewards of some large liquidity mining platforms

V. GloryAllstar airdrop is coming!

The coolest part is this: In response to the players who have supported and participated in building the ecosystem, GloryAllstar has partnered with various games in this metaverse to create extremely limited and attractive NFT airdrop prizes.

Rewards will be distributed to GloryAllstar node users’ Metamask wallets every day. Stay tuned and follow GloryAllstar’s official channels every day to get the latest information about Airdrop. These rewards will be extremely limited, so their value will make you hungry

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