GiveEarth – Charity Finds Powerful Crypto Use-Case

GiveEarth is a sustainable project which is taking the way charities are run to the next level with full transparency.

Introducing GiveEarth

GiveEarth is a charitable platform that focuses on providing both profitability for its users, as well as donating a large amount of their proceeds to charity. The platform is governed by the native GIVE token.

GiveEarth’s Website Homepage

While trading GIVE a transaction fee of 6% will be taxed. 1.2% will be burnt, 4.5% will be returned to holders and 0.3% will go to charity. GiveEarth is not only helping investors to grow their GIVE holdings, but also making sure there is a small amount that will end up in one of the projects that will make our planet a better and healthier place to live.

The 0.3% will not be enough to be sustainable and meet all goals. That’s where the marketplace comes in. The GiveEarth team is working hard to finalize their marketplace in the near future. The marketplace will be the place where charity and funds will become reality.

GiveEarth Donation Options

Besides NFTs there will also be donation options on the platform. Perhaps you want to have a tree planted or a bee-colony to be placed, or even want to buy honey or bee flower seeds. Almost any charitable action will be possible and transparent. You will never have to wonder where your money went for charity. All donation information will be published and publicly available, ensuring your donation is being used effectively and efficiently.

The platform also incentivizes users beyond the charity aspect. Holders will see return in liquidity and the development and marketing wallet. This way GiveEarth will be able to continue the great work they are doing for our planet.

Existing Charitable Achievements and Roadmap

GiveEarth has sent 10 beehives to a beekeeper in the inlands of China. This beekeeper will make the honey available for their Chinese investors. This is a small example of the capabilities that crypto has in the charity sector, and GiveEarth is a premier example of its potential. In the upcoming weeks GiveEarth is planning big influencer marketing, footage of real life work, and more partnerships.

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