Giveaways of More than 2 $ETH for Minting and HODL-ing The Living Dead NFT

1 of 3 Bitpunks NFT is up for grabs to a lucky The Living Dead NFT owner.

BNB Chain NFT Giveaway

The biggest Non-Fungible Token (NFT) giveaway on the BNB Chain will be taking place to reward a token holder that mints and holds one or more The LivingDead NFT

The giveaway will be an NFT from the BitPunks collection, which at the time of writing has a floor price of 15.99 $BNB on NFTKey––a price close to $6,000 USD. In order to participate in the giveaway, the collector must mint and hold one or more of The Living Dead NFT Collection. Minting costs just 0.05 $BNB, which is approximately $20.78 USD.   

“Why Hold ? – many reasons 1. Community is great 2. To have a chance to win the Raffels [sic] 3. Utility is on the Way (Game)… much More,” tweeted Living Dead NFT artist @cryptohunter1w1

Source: The giveaway announcement was made by CryptoFreak_1991, the NFT artist for The Living Dead NFT Collection

How to Participate

The link to mint your own zombie from the collection is available here. So far, the project has garnered interest from 888 NFT collectors. There are 5,000 NFTs that are available, and the breakdowns are as follows:

4980 – Common Zombies

5 – Special Zombies

15- Human (Hunters)


The Living Dead is a collection of 5,000 unique hand-drawn NFTs on the BNB Chain. Minting on this project just went live on April 1. There will be three Bitpunks that will be given away in April. There are only 100 Bitpunks available, which are digitally handcrafted 3-D models of the famous Cryptopunks.  

What is The Living Dead NFT:

The Living Dead is a collection of 5000 unique hand-drawn NFTs. The collection consists of 4980 common Zombies, five special Zombies, and 15 humans called the hunters. Users who mint one of the 15 hunters will be given two Zombies for free.

For more information about The Living Dead NFTs, visit the following links:

Website | Twitter | Telegram |

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