MetaMate’s Free-To-Play Version will be released on 08 March, 2022! 

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Joining the fascinating metaverse world of MetaMate, you will be able to connect with friends around the globe, enjoy finding your date & playing exciting minigames, while being able to earn great rewards! 

Weekly and monthly contests with prizes up to $2000!

A chance to win $1000 by simply joining! 

Earning $Mingle to redeem for tokens!

Commission points for friend referral! 

What is MetaMate? 

MetaMate is a unique social and dating metaverse combining a digital dating platform and an NFT game. Our goal is to build a true metaverse where people around the globe can connect, get to know each other, have fun and earn together.

Some highlights of MetaMate’s project: 

– The first NFT game with social & dating feature

– The first to initiate a social NFT standard to optimize the efficiency of data analyzing, advertising campaigns, matching mechanism, etc. 

– Focus on free-to-play, invest-to-earn, user-generated features.

– Develop a complete ecosystem with a Web 3.0 product (Mate Plus), a Cross-chain NFT Marketplace product, and an NFT Venture.


Metamate is A Uniques Social and Dating Metaverse with many casual and fun minigames for the players to choose from.

Free-to-play Alpha Version 

In MetaMate’s free-to-play alpha version (ETA: 8th of March, 2022), players will be given free Darlings (avatar) and can be customized freely with various fashionable NFT costumes.

Our free-to-play version provides an exciting daily quest system and the Disco Fever dancing mini-game, in which you can hop on the dance floor, show us your moves, and enjoy great music! There will be a weekly leaderboard with great rewards! 

While having fun experiencing these features in MetaMate’s free-to-play version, players will also be able to earn Mingle Dollars to redeem for $MTM tokens later, get whitelists for IDO, free NFTs and many more rewards! 

Let’s play our Free-to-play Alpha Version and earn many rewards in MetaMate’s world!

Official Release Version 

In MetaMate’s official release version (ETA: April, 2022), there are 3 different game modes that players with NFT Darlings can play-to-earn:

Workplaces Idle Game Mode: Players can farm in various Workplaces to earn Mingle Dollars. 

Single Play Mini-games Mode: Players can play various mini-games to earn in-game items to craft NFT Eggs.

Matching & Dating: Social Features, Co-op Date-to-earn. Players can Date each other, similar to dating apps. Players fill a Love-Meter together by gifting and playing Co-op mini-games to earn higher rarity NFT Eggs.

Besides these game modes, MetaMate will hold regular Special Events, which are limited to a certain period of time. These events are inspired by real life themes like:

Speed Dating, Dancing Contest, Music Festival, Black Friday, Movie Premiere, and many more! 



Let’s join MetaMate now to lock your chance of winning great prizes and experience the extraordinary world of MetaMate!

MetaMate – A Unique Social and Dating metaverse!

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