GET Protocol Expands Yield Mining to Polygon (MATIC) Through QuickSwap Liquidity Pools

Users can now earn monthly GET rewards across ETH and Polygon DEXes, which the innovative event company hopes will build liquidity for its next steps.

GET Ready for Yield Farming

On June 16, the blockchain ticketing tool GET announced incentives for their liquidity providers via Twitter. The team at GET is hoping this announcement will help them take the next step to scale their project globally. The increased liquidity will allow the protocol to begin operation on the scale they hope to reach. 


GET Now On Two DEXes

The first of their announcements is an update to their liquidity mining program on the decentralized exchanges (DEXesUniswap and Quickswap. Users will now be able to exchange tokens on Polygon and supply liquidity for rewards. 

The GET team has seen success on Ethereum’s Uniswap since last year, and the updates will reward their liquidity providers with monthly distributions. The new pools on Quickswap will start receiving similar rewards as those in UniSwap.

GET Protocol will divide the 24,000 tokens between LPs on Uniswap and Quickswap. Users hopping over to Quickswap will be allocated 8000 GET, or ⅓ of the monthly distribution. LPs on Uniswap will be rewarded for their longevity and receive the bulk, ⅔ of the tokens. 

Earlier this year, GET began with its exciting new use case for non-fungible tokens (NFT) and ticketing. These new moves are an attempt to scale this development.

How to Participate

Each month GET has 24,000 tokens it distributes to boost and incentivize the liquidity of its users. With increased liquidity, there will be more opportunities to obtain GET. 


Participation is easy. Users will need to have either the WITH — GET LP pair on QuickSwap or the GET-ETH pair from Uniswap V2. With either protocol, the user simply needs to stake and wait. GET will provide the tokens to users at differing times throughout each month.

Polygon Brings New Hope

In late May, GET announced via Twitter their integration with Polygon to begin its project escalation. This partnership will take on a new evolution with the listing on QuickSwap. Polygon offers GET users a cheaper and faster alternative to the Ethereum Chain. 

The accessibility of GET for users and businesses is essential to their efforts to scale as a smart ticketing solution. As liquidity arrives from new sources, it will be crucial in propelling the protocol to grow. According to the GET website, they handled 158,727 state changes on tickets plus 1,090 unique events that went on sale last month. 

What is GET?

GET stands for ‘Guaranteed Entrance Ticket.’ The Dutch company has been around since 2016. Their ticketing services use smart and secure ERC20 tokens. The company has incorporated the use of blockchain to all aspects of ticket selling at events. From billing and reporting to gate management, GET brings an innovative and transparent way to sell event tickets

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