Get 11% BNB back to you when holding Green Arrow Token

The new Green Arrow Token was created with the intention of assisting investors in earning large amounts of income passively and effortlessly.


Green Arrow Token is a BEP-20 currency that automatically pays its investors with a large amount of BNB. As their Ecosystem develops, the value of $GAT rises.

The first product under development is the Green Arrow Revolutionary Booster App: In one click, the crowd will upvote your coin on all platforms.

Tokenomics and supply

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $GAT

Green Arrow Token

The token is designed with a 15% anti-whale tax. 

11% distributed in BNB

    11% of every buy/sell is redistributed to all $GAT holders every hour.

    Hold a minimum of 10,000 tokens to benefit from reflection. 

4% Auto Liquidity for PancakeSwap

    4% of each transaction goes to liquidity for PancakeSwap.

    It’s automatic and helps create a stable price floor.

Anti-Dump Lock and Sell Fee

    Max selling volume is restricted to 0.1% of the total supply.

    Additional 3% selling fee is applied to all sales. 

Rug Proof and Secure

    They have locked 100% of the liquidity in DxSale for 3 years.

    Full contract audit will be updated soon. 

$GAT Ecosystem and 1st revolutionary booster app marketing product

$GAT Booster App

The $GAT Booster App is a mobile-based platform that links your token to a whole new universe of marketing opportunities, ranging from community upvotes to visibility advertisements to SEO optimization for your websites and content production. Their first product is presently in the works. 

With their Campaign creation function, you may have your token propelled up the popularity rankings on the platforms of your choice in a matter of minutes: Coingecko, CMC, Reddit, Twitter, CoinHunt, CoinSniper, and many more…They strive to provide Quick Results without sacrificing the quality of their services.

How it works

Step 1: Register your token

Green Arrow Token

Register your currency on the Booster App, and their algorithm will award it a score based on the following metrics such as Security Score, Daily Trading Volume Variance, Social Media Presence, Token Holders Analysis, True Market Capitalization, Green Arrow Token upvote numbers, Webpage activity, etc. 

Step 2: Create token campaign

Green Arrow Token

Once your Token has been registered, you may use it to start unique campaigns on the Booster App by specifying an upvote target and financing the reward pool with your $GAT.

Anyone may sign up for the Booster App and establish an account to upvote and collect their portion of the reward pool. The qualifying user is then eligible to engage in any campaign.

To be eligible for a campaign, the user must have accounts on all platforms targeted by the campaign.

Step 3: Users will complete campaign

Green Arrow Token
Green Arrow Token

To join, users must first link their social media accounts. Following that, they are free to pick which campaigns to participate in.

Token holders will have their tokens increased in seconds!

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Contract: 0x99A70Da16Dd7c354827b92DC0c2CcBca9c7be9ba

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