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Ushering projects toward Web3 will require offering routes of community cultivation beyond traditional Web2 means. Genki is working on something that could yield important results.

Web3 Tools for Web3 Teams

Genki, the project aiming to become a premier Web3 community on-ramp platform, announced the eagerly anticipated launch of GenkiBox Beta Test. 

The Genki team confirmed to BSC News that the Beta Test will officially begin on April 27 at 14:00 UTC, and will complete by May 3 at 14:00 UTC. GenkiBox will look to usher developers and community members toward Web3 by solving a problem for Decentralized Applications (DApps). GenkiBox will allow project teams to access Web3 tools to communicate their achievements and interact with community members. We spoke to the Genki team, who offered insight regarding the inspiration behind their product GenkiBox:

“After investigating multiple projects and community leaders, we came up with GenkiBox, as our first product line,” the team explained. “The idea started with solving the real problem for Decentralized Applications. We have seen a lot of Web 3.0 projects using Web 2.0 tools to run campaigns. If projects want to track and analyze the completed user journey from social media interactions to on-chain performance. They need something like Genki.”

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Cultivating an effective and dedicated community is often a challenge for projects that focus on technical innovations—the final human aspect can sometimes be neglected. GenkiBox will look to address this while aiding the entire space.

GenkiBox Beta Test

Through their Beta Test, Genki invites users to try out simple social media quests alongside several on-chain quests, that include swapping, lending, adding liquidity, and buying NFTs, in order to highlight their connection. 

The team explains three important and relevant inquiries:

What is the conversion rate from impressions on social media quests to on-chain quests? The data will determine this conversion rate by tracking the follow-through.

What is the on-chain influence of each referral channel? Are there some that are more effective than others or some that are of no use at all?

The final question refers to further analysis of the return of cost-based data of each address’ user behavior—meaning you can refine and more accurately target the market.

Genki has explained that they welcome further feedback from users in the beta test relating to bug issues, user satisfaction, creative ideas, and feasible implementation changes.


How to Get Started:

Step 1: Visit GenkiBox via

Step 2: Connect your Metamask wallet to log in. If you don’t know how to add BNB Chain mainnet, please go to Chainlist and add BNB Chain network:

Step 3: Choose any of the available quests and proceed (the more tasks you complete, the more entries you will get). 

Step 4: Share your referral link to get more entries!

BSC News will be following Genki’s progress and keeping up to date on the kind of impact it will have on the ecosystem and project communities!

What is Genki:

Genki aims to be a Web3 community on-ramp platform where Web3 projects, channels, users, and validators build new connections in a trustless way.

Genki helps content creators, influencers, and key opinion leaders(KOLs) to navigate their audience into value in a decentralized way by performing simple tasks and completing quests, thereby earning in the process, benefiting both the content creators, influencers, and their audience.

By having accurate data of each influencer and user on-chain profiles, projects save time and cut down the cost of searching for influencers and users for community and marketing. They get the best of both worlds by also being able to launch quests on Genki to target on-chain users.

Where to find Genki:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Docs | 

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