Gem Guardian AMA Recap

BSCDaily hosts Gem Guardian: #NFT #GemGuardian #GEM #NFTCard #BSCDaily #BSC

BSC_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome, how are you today?

LS: Very good, thanks for having us here.

BSC_Daily Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

LS: Let’s do it.

Q1: Now to start the AMA, team Gem Guardian please have a quick introduction to the community. What is Gem Guardian all about?

LS: GemGuardian is a rewarding fantasy-based NFT Card Game on the BSC Network. We utilize the Dual Token economy to promote price sustainability, but at the same time keeping the game fun and lucrative. Players will acquire Guardian and Dragons to battle and earn in-game rewards that can be staked for a lucrative APY.

Q2: Please share with us the background of the team behind this project. What are your past experiences?

LS: Majority of the founding team are experts in their previous engagement; whereas I am the one with the most blockchain management experience.

A) Sam: 10+ years of technology project management, 5 years in ECommerce and online advertising.

b) Charles our CTO: 5+ years of IT Management experience and held senior position in a few top 100 IT firms in Philippines.

C) Me, CMO: 7+ years in Marketing and Blockchain management, had 2 successful BPO operations, and Private investor for multiple ICO launches in 2017

D) Ricardo our CFO: CPA/CFA held multiple senior positions in top Financial companies in Philippines.

Q3: Each project has interesting stories before it is created. So why did you come up with the idea to create Gem Guardian?

LS: GemGuardian Project started off as a concept developed by the same development team as Binstarter; our incubator. Both development team and marketing team planned, groomed, and executed the GemGuardian Project. Vision of the founding members is to create an equal and rewarding blockchain gaming experience for the rich and the poor. Therefore we set the barrier of entry low enough to entice players in developing countries.

Q4: What makes Gem Guardian different from Axie and what features are you proud of Gem Guardian that other NFT games don’t have?

LS: This shows the competitive advantage Gemguardian have on top competitors in the NFT gaming space. As stated on the chart we have an all-around ecosystem that is light years away from these projects.

Q5: Let’s dive into your token $GEMG & $GPAY. Can you share with us your tokenomics? What are some of the $GEMG & $GPAY use cases?

LS: Our project is very unique because it’s model after the gold standard that nurtured USA to becoming the strongest country in the world up until the 70s then they changed it. Dual Token Economy consist of 2 tokens one is GEMG (Gold) and the other is (Gpay) Cash. GEMG’s utilities include voting, governance right, profit share, and purchase of Lootbox; which is the first point of entry into playing the game. In addition GEMG models after equity or a store of value in the GemGuardian Ecosystem. Pay token models after cash/medium of exchange in an economy; facilitating exchanges, in-game rewards, and purchases of the Lootbox. The game reserves acts as a bridge that connects both token supplies where liquidity is constantly reinforced to Gpay pool. This will help mitigate the selling pressure for GEMG tokens while keeping Staking and in-game reward ROI high.

2.5% seed

8.5% Private

3.5% Public

10% Team

30% Game reserves

20.5% Staking Rewards and Burns

10% Marketing, Development, Airdrop

10% Company Reserves

5% Advisor

Note: That team tokens are vested for 2 years and only released every quarter. All tokens will be locked in trustswap smart lock.

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