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BSC_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome, how are you today?

GAT Network Team: Hello everyone! Busier than ever – but it is a good thing!

BSC_Daily Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

GAT Network Team: Yes, we are!

Q1: Please tell us briefly about GAT Network and an overview of the ecosystem?

GAT Network Team: GAT Network is a web of connected NFT trading & gaming projects centred around our highly flexible NFT Marketplace “Minted Vodka” and our deflationary, multi-use-case “Game Ace Token” (GAT).

We have already launched several projects on BSC and are working towards cross-chainability. We have already launched several projects on BSC and are working towards cross-chainability.

I have an image for u guys to look at, so you don’t have to just wait for me typing out some more details about them, lol.

“Minted Vodka” is our Assets Exchange, where you can trade anything for anything in any combination and use several services we are heavily expanding upon right now. In addition to that, Minted Vodka is offering staking opportunities via Cocktails and is highly utilising our GAT token in general.

We gave launched 2 play to earn games with “Alchemy Toys” and “Alchemy Arena” where you can either mint our highly collectible TOY NFTs and win the game by sacrificing them or use them for battle in our Arenas!

With Game Ace, we created the world’s first NFTs that are playable as standalone retro video games. 3 games have been released so far and all of them are highly unique and offer variants and rarities even within the same game.

The next Game Ace NFT cartridge called “Crypto Invaders” will be dropped soon.

for more infos check here:

Q2: GAT Network recently joined the Binance Labs Incubation Program – can you tell us more about that?

GAT Network Team: No need to mention that Binance Labs is a highly prestigious VC and incubator. GAT Network has been selected from a large number of apply projects to join season 3 of the Incubation Program. We are honored and thankful for this chance and also see this as a token of trust. Being in this program that will open many doors for us in the coming weeks and months. Binance Labs has already launched quite successful projects like Polygon or SafePal in the past – now it’s GAT Network’s turn 

During the incubation we are working with world-class projects and mentors to reach ambitious milestones. For example there was a very interesting video chat with Sandeep Nailwaal (Co-Founder of Polygon) last week. We are discussing many partnerships and also get access to different services. We also get a ton of new contacts from outside of the program. The weeks and months ahead of us are very exciting!

Incubation puts us in a perfect position to build our network and bring our project to next levels business-wise. 

In late January 2022 we will present our advancements at a Demo Day at Binance Labs, where major investors, partners and other blockchain VIPs are expected. We want to make the best impression there! 

That is a short summary. We have a lot of work nowadays, as incubation takes quite some effort. But it is a good thing!

Q3: Simultaneously with the incubation you announced a relaunch of the GAT token with an extended total supply. Can you describe the advantages for the project/the community?

GAT Network Team: With the launch of GAT the team have been incredibly generous with the distribution of the token, making it available to investors and users of the platform, with a strong IDO, OTC sales, and some incredible giveaways; but to be completely honest this has left us with limited resources for future growth of the ecosystem.  It soon became apparent that there were some very special and unique opportunities on the horizon that would require the versatility of an increased token supply.

Owing to this the team has announced this new growth fund from the distribution of GATe (GAT extended) to be able to take full advantage of these opportunities, including key investor programs, tokens for top tier exchange listings and liquidity, strategic partnerships, marketing campaigns, and of course being able to continue to reward our community via challenges, reward schemes & giveaways.

We must also make sure that the community are aware that this is a one-time occurrence requiring a huge amount of work from the team, and the founders have accepted a long term lock on their own holdings (1-year lock followed by 4 years of linear vesting) as well as their own share of the tokens reducing from 10% down to 5% of the total supply.  The immediate circulating supply will not change as the new tokens from GATe will be distributed slowly and gradually (or have long-term locks) to ensure that there are no sudden price shocks.

This was not an easy decision to make but ultimately it is the best approach for the ecosystem as a whole – the advantages have already been seen through the recent price movement and the announcement of the additional supply has been well received by the community & investors.  We are excited about other future opportunities that may be as soon as Q1 2022 with potential series A investments rounds.

Q4: Multi-chain is becoming more important for blockchain projects, what’s the approach of GAT Network for multi-chain integration?

GAT Network Team: Multi-chain is very exciting for us, and it forms a key element in the future plans for Minted Vodka.  The NFT marketplace is being re-engineered to provide a comprehensive and complete multi-chain solution for NFT trading.  Our own playable game NFTs (Game Ace) are already cross-chain to ETH or Polygon networks through an interface on Minted Vodka, and there are also wrapped GAT solutions for these networks.

Due to the way that the new Minted Vodka platform is developed, we will be in a position to add new alternative blockchains to the multi-chain capabilities as they become available.

Minted Vodka’s slogan is to trade anything for anything, and we don’t feel this should be limited to a single blockchain network – everyone can look forward to a multi-chain NFT wallet on the platform coming soon, as well as many other impressive multi-chain capabilities.

Q5: What can we expect from GAT Network in the next few months? Please share your roadmap with us!

GAT Network Team: Our current focus is on MintedVodka – the centerpiece of the GAT Network. All other projects stem from this central project, it is core as a marketplace for assets in our games, and offers cross-network trading potential for GameAce NTFs. (in the near future also other NFTs)

Minted Vodka has a huge potential in the NFT trading space, offering features rarely found elsewhere at a very low price to use the platform. The flexibility of trading, including multiple items, even of different types on either side of the trade is exceptionally powerful.

We want to make sure to go live with as many features as possible for the Binance Demo Day in January! Need to make a great impression in the industry!

There are many features in development that will be released in the coming weeks and months, like:

Multichain NFT Wallet (to see and manage all your NFTs, on all supported chains)

+ Auctions (create deals as auctions)

+ Mystery Boxes (create your own Mystery Boxes type of deals)

+ Bulk Deals (create recurring deals on Minted Vodka to sequentially offer/sell a list of items)

+ NFT Minting (mint your own “bridgeable” NFT collections)

+ IMOs – Initial Minting Offerings ( create mint-on-demand NFT sale/auction events for new NFT collections )

+ Game Minting ( GameAce technology used to mint and deploy your own games (or other software) as executable/playable NFTs ); we may run 1-2 hackathons next year for indie game devs, give them access to the world of NFTs

Minted Vodka will also get a powerful new user interface in the next few weeks!

So there is much work to do. But the progress is good!

Q6: Where can we find out more about GAT Network on social media?

GAT Network Team: You are most welcome to visit our website & follow us at your favourite social channel

Token Contract Address

Bakery Swap LP

BSC_Daily Admin: With this, we are now at the end of our AMA session with GAT Network.

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

GAT Network Team: Thanks for joining us today!

Especially for today´s AMA we have a giveaway – win 75$ in GAT!

Make sure to take part in it! 

Thanks for listening, come and join our Telegram – you’ll find that the community is friendly and always also ready to answer any questions you may have!

BSC_Daily Admin: Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for GAT Network.





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