Gaming Giant Nexon to Build Polygon Supernet for Web3 Evolution of MapleStory

Game publisher Nexon will use Polygon to evolve MapleStory Universe from a Web2 platform to Web3.

Nexon Embraces Polygon for MapleStory

Nexon announced it will build a dedicated Polygon Supernet to underpin the blockchain ecosystem of its MapleStory Universe. This is a huge move from a Web2 game publisher into Web3: Nexon’s annual revenues surpassed $2.6 billion in 2022, and MapleStory has 180 million registered users.

Currently, players of the Web2 version of MapleStory can trade items with each other using the in-game currency. The Web3 version of MapleStory will enable players to earn Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and unlock future utilities and benefits.

“We are looking forward to expanding the NFT ecosystem envisioned by MapleStory Universe by building on Polygon, the top protocol for Web3 gaming. It is the perfect choice to power the ecosystem,” said MapleStory Universe group leader Sun-young Hwang, “We will work closely with the team at Polygon Labs to develop and market the game.”

Nexon was founded in South Korea in 1994 and is now headquartered in Japan.

“Nexon selecting Polygon Supernets to power MapleStory Universe sends a strong message to the entire gaming industry about the future of blockchain gaming,” said Ryan Wyatt, President of Polygon Labs. “Korea is a critical market in bringing web3 gaming to the masses, and Polygon Labs is committed to offering multiple solutions to bring their visions to market.”

What is Polygon:

Polygon is a “sidechain” scaling solution that runs alongside the Ethereum blockchain — allowing for speedy transactions and low fees. MATIC is the network’s native cryptocurrency, which is used for fees, staking, and more. The effectiveness of Polygon as an alternative to Ethereum has seen existing projects such as Aave and Curve adopting its chain.

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