Gamer – Built by Gamers, for Gamers

The gaming-centered ecosystem plans to offer a plethora of tools for gamers and investors alike.

Introducing Gamer (GMR)

Launched in May 2021 Gamer (GMR) is almost ready to celebrate its 1st birthday. The token has been on a wild ride over the last 12 months. Gamer is a utility token created to formulate a credible synergy between cryptocurrency investments and the GameFi industry. 

There is a core philosophy and values to the project that was conceived by its founder and CEO, Ryan Washington – Create. Empower. Game. Built on the BNB Chain network and now trading on the updated contract (V2) GMR has never stopped developing, innovating, and progressing.

Built by gamers, built for gamers.

The GMR Center

The whole ecosystem of the project sits on the recently released GMR Center. It has been meticulously designed and developed to act as a centralized hub for everything the project has to offer.  

The Center allows community members the ability to play games in the Arcade, trade game assets and art in the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Hub, create decentralized and member-owned gaming guilds with bespoke social tools, and join live-streamed game rooms of their followed gamers. 

This platform is where individuals can get information on all aspects of the project, join up, share information with the community, invest in their range of NFTs, trade NFTs, invest in the token, hold tokens, register for news/events, and so much more.

Mark Garside, the Gamer CTO, designed the GMR Center to be completely blockchain agnostic. This means users from any EVM compatible network will (eventually) be able to participate in the project. The team developed an on-platform wallet solution that allows users to benefit from the lightning fast transaction speeds required for a true gaming experience, whilst benefiting from bridge contracts enabling participation from other networks. 

The Team and Security

Written in-house by a team of dedicated and experienced developers. 

Their experienced development team and associates include Information Security specialists and Computer Science graduates specializing in blockchain security. 

GMR takes security very seriously. They understand the risks involved in smart contract development and are aware of tactics employed by scam token projects such as centralization vulnerabilities. 

Token Features

Industry-leading OpenZeppelin ERC20 standards. 

Applied ZERO tokenomics to the token. 

CertiK audited with a 100% score. 

Multisig and Timelock ownership structure via OpenZeppelin Defender. 

What the Future Holds 

After the successful launch of 10,000 individual, game-ready NFTs late last year (based on their mascot LEET), they will soon be launching their own arena-based battle game built on the BNB Chain. In the game, these “NFL” (Non-Fungible LEETs) owners will be able to go up against each other in the skill-based arena. 

Continuing forward, the GAMER CENTER will also have a fully functioning NFT marketplace integration where NFLs and other gaming NFTs can be showcased and traded.  

Blockchain Social Media

Currently in BETA testing the GMR team announced recently the launch of their very own social media platform within the GMR Center. It’s designed to be at the heart of everything they are aiming to achieve.  

The bespoke development of the GMR Center has allowed them the ability to create a fully functional social media platform within. The GMR Social platform is a dedicated gaming social media application where their community can get high level gaming insights, interactions and information. The platform will boast a plethora of features that include:  

A centralized timeline  

A dedicated Blockchain social timeline  

Personalized timelines  

Project announcements  

Public and Private member profiles  

GMR Token Tipping  

The ability to share, comment, upvote and super-like profiles / posts  

Attain achievement-based rewards  

NFT collaborations and promotions  

“Decentralized social networking offers the opportunity to put gamers in full control of all their achievements. No reason to apply for streaming “partner” status, or needing to hit millions of views to start benefiting on your gaming abilities,” Craig Washington, the Gamer CMO, explained. “It’s a place where gamers can go, enjoy continual gaming content and not have to worry about seeing pictures of what people are having for their Sunday dinner!” 


Staking is widely becoming a standard feature of progressive crypto tokens and coins, and GMR will be no exception. Once users are invested in GMR the team wants to ensure the stability and growth of their token value continually.  

Staking functionality will allow holders to earn passive tokens (gains) by locking a designated amount away for a certain period.  

“By creating staking pools we are encouraging a strong liquidity presence which will aid the continual essential blockchain verifications required in order to maintain secure and swift transactions,” CEO Ryan Washington said.  “Verification through Proof-of-stake is the future, environmental choice, and this will of course be what Gamer intends to utilize. We will offer a number of staking options with higher % rewards being realized the longer the period you opt to stake for.” 

Final Thoughts

This project has big ambitions and has achieved quite a bit in the last 12 months, showing resilience and tactical advancements in what was an extremely turbulent 2021. 

The original team is still in place and have grown their inhouse dev capabilities to show real intent and progression.  

Marketing has been ramped up in the last 6 months. The team has formed strong partnerships such as with gaming giant eFuse for their very own Festival Of Gaming

Their whitepaper proposes the project has strategy, understanding, forward thinking, consideration, and a thorough thought process.  

GAMER is still in its infancy but it’s a solid long-term project with huge growth plans and a real world usability, according to its team.  

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