GameFi Summit Brings The Fun Back to Blockchain Gaming

Four projects came through the Summit to give insight and even teased some new footage.

Blockchain GameFi Should Be Fun

The DeFi Direct YouTube Channel hosted four projects to help give users a survey into the current state of GameFi and blockchain gaming on Binance Smart Chain and Decentralize Finance (DeFi). The live stream on Nov. 26th hosted by Greg, Goon Trades, took nearly an hour and a half.

Education is proving to be massively important when helping to catch the demand wave for mass adoption. It saw the four projects touch on topics related to the growth and future of play-to-earn gaming, acknowledging that we are still at the very early stages of blockchain gaming. 

The four attendees:

Dark Frontiers – Joe Estrada, Communications at Gamestarter

Project SEED -Liko, CEO

DeMole – Lily Le , Project Manager

Faraland – SonHo, CGO 

Goon Trades gave each project a similar list of questions but it was the candid section where projects showed must earnestness. Each project showed a little bit of something extra, giving DeFi Direct live stream viewers something extra. DeMole showed some brand new game footage to psyche up viewers, Estrada explained the blue-chip vision of Dark Frontiers, but Project SEED’s CEO Liko reminded us of gaming’s true importance.

Source: DeMole shares brand new gameplay teaser.

“Gaming is an entertainment. Gaming should be fun. What is a game without any fun stuff? We don’t want the user to be focused on making money. We want to make sure that the game is fun first,” Liko told GoonTrades.

For more great insight and the full event head over to the DeFi Direct YouTube Channel and check out the video.

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