GameFi Projects Impress in BNB Chain Weekly NFT Report

BNB Chain’s MetaFi weekly update sees 12.7 million transactions recorded with GameFi projects hogging the limelight.

GameFi Continues to Grow

BNB Chain’s weekly report for 18-24 February 2022 shows that the top four projects in BNB Chain’s community are GameFi projects.     

Leading the pack was Bomb Crypto, one of the fastest-growing projects on BNB Chain. The project recorded 1 million weekly transactions. 


MOBOX continues to be a hit with BNB Chain users. Its “Chainz Arena MOBOX Edition” was a hit with its users as its user base increased significantly. According to DappRadar, MOBOX is the top Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on BNB Chain. 

GameFi platforms continue to dominate the MetaFi ecosystem on the BNB Chain, with StarSharks and XWorld Games sitting at the third and fourth positions respectively. SecondLive is the only non GameFi project that has made it to the top five. 

GameFi and Metaverse Theme

GameFi continues to be a trending niche in the crypto world as users are finding it easier to navigate blockchain technology through gaming. Users on any GameFi platform prioritize speed, costs of transactions, and scalability. BNB Chain has the right architecture to meet these demands. 

Source | SecondLife stands a good chance of increasing its user base as the top SocialFi project on the BNB Chain

SecondLife has a slightly different proposition to users. It offers its version of the metaverse to interact and socialize. More institutions are entering the metaverse as the pandemic threatens traditional businesses. The metaverse is a viable alternative. 

BNB Chain continues to increase its appeal to the masses by reaching out to projects that are building value in the MetaFi ecosystem. The rolling out of the $1 billion growth fund will accelerate the growth and adoption of the BNB Chain.  

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