GameFi Projects Address Geopolitical Unrest and Market Volatility

Elemon, and a host of other PlayToEarn operating on different chains have issued statements regarding the conflict happening between Ukraine and Russia.

Reassuring The Community

With the Cryptocurrency market reacting to the Geopolitical issues currently happening, different PlayToEarn gaming projects address the issue with their communities.

The core teams behind some of the big names in the PlayToEarn gaming industry, including Axie Infinity, Tiny Colony, and Elemon, release statements about the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Elemon, in particular, reassured its community, through a twitter thread on February 24, that they will continue to build despite the market volatility brought about by current world events.

“Currently, the Global Financial market’s witnessing great volatility due to Russia – Ukraine conflict that has been causing fear among investors. The Crypto market’s no exception & also suffered from sharp declines recently. This can be seen as a common reaction once macro news appear & make huge impact on the entire market.This can be seen as a common reaction once macro news appear & make huge impact on the entire market,” The Elemon team tweeted. “Yet, Elemon would like to reaffirm that such event won’t affect our roadmap & future plan. We’re here to stay, working tirelessly to complete our product, update new features, as well as preparing Marketing strategies for the upcoming time. Looking back, whenever market corrections happen, it’s regarded as the best time to focus on perfecting the product & as soon as the market recovers,  the high-quality ones will inevitably emerge & experience spectacular growth. For us, this event’s not seen as a challenge, but instead, an opportunity for market purification so that only true value can long live & thrive in the future! #BUIDL.”


With the market being volatile due to the uncertainty of how the geopolitical issue will play out, a message of assurance coming from the core team might put some newer members of the community at ease. Popular PlayToEarn gaming project, Axie Infinity also addressed reassured its community that the team is okay and will continue operations.

“Axie and Sky Mavis operations are unaffected by the outbreak of military conflict in Ukraine,” Axie Infinity reassuringly tweeted. “Sending strength and love to all those effected by these sad events.”

This announcement comes at the heels of a fake news FUD spreading on Facebook that a fake Jihoz twitter account announced the closure of the game due to the ongoing conflict. This serves as a reminder to always fact check information you see on the internet. 


Genopets, the first MoveToEarn blockchain gaming project built on Solana, announced that the team has donated 25K US Dollars to different charity organizations to help those affected by the conflict.

“Community is everything. We support our fellow Genovians in all areas that are currently in a humanitarian crisis, this includes our Ukrainian and Russian family. Our mission is to unite the world through the collective goal of taking care of ourselves with self care,” Genopets announced through their twitter account. It’s our turn to offer real time care to our community. We donated $25K to both @UNICEF and @RESCUEorg  to support affected areas. If you are able to support, we encourage you to do so in any way you can.”

The team provided links to and Unicef USA to those who want to donate.

A Team Caught In The Middle

Some PlayToEarn games, however, have team members or partners that are based in or have operations inside Ukraine. Tiny Colony, a PlayToEarn resource management game built on Solana, announced that their partner, iLogos remains safe in the middle of this conflict.

“We want to provide some information on our game development partners, iLogos. As you may know, iLogos has operations in Ukraine. We have been in discussion directly with them and are pleased to hear they are all safe during these unprecedented times,” Tiny Colony tweeted out. “iLogos has over 300 employees and have the infrastructure in place to remain operational while keeping their team safe. Our partnership with iLogos is very strong and we value their dedication and commitment towards Tiny Colony.”

However, the team behind the highly anticipated PlayToEarn project, Heroes of Mavia, have decided to postpone their scheduled NFT land minting to a later date because of the crisis. 

“We have several Mavia developers/team members located in Ukraine. Fortunately, everyone is unharmed and safe, and they are currently relocating westward to safer areas of the country,” Heroes of Mavia announced through a twitter thread. “We decided to delay for the following reasons: 1: Our Ukrainian team members are essential to the launch and must be present for the mint, as they developed our front-end platform, and are needed in order to fix any bugs or issues which could arise during the mint. Launching without these team members present is very risky. 2: Many of our team members/community live in Ukraine, and it is unfair for them not to be able to participate in the mint day. We want to show support to our community members and team members being affected by this crisis, not just move on without them. 3: Extremely volatile market conditions and uncertainty from the invasion will put a damper on the effectiveness of our launch. We want the mint to be a great success, and do not want to launch the day after a crisis like this is unfolding. Of course, nobody could have predicted this, and we are focused right now on ensuring that we organize other aspects of the project to continue development smoothly. This was not an easy decision for us to make, but it is the correct one. Wishing safety to everyone affected.”

The new minting date was pushed back a week and will now be set on the fourth of March at 10:00 AM EST.

The BSCNews team sends thoughts and prayers out to everyone affected by this crisis.

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