GameFi Project Tactics Royale Builds Squid Game Mini-Game

While Squid Game developers rugpulled their community, Tactics Royale developers have been building a ‘Red Light, Green Light’ game in their spare time.

Green Light?

GameFi project Tactics Royale has released video footage of a ‘Red Light, Green Light’ mini-game based on the hit television series Squid Game. What’s more, the footage appears to show the mini-game in a fully operational state. It would appear that the developers of Tactics Royale, a fantasy NFT game, have been able to achieve in their spare time what Squid Game developers failed to deliver at all.

As BSC News has previously reported, Squid Game developers offered false promises, rugpulled their community, and are now being investigated by Binance. With such a high-profile crypto scam now linked to the Squid Game brand, a ‘Red Light, Green Light’ mini-game may generate both community excitement and trepidation in equal parts. So why has the fantasy-themed Tactics Royale chosen to associate itself with Squid Game?

“We built a mini game to benchmark devices so we can optimize our platform better for smoother experience,” said Tactics Royale in a tweet on November 7th. The company went on to ask users to tag two friends who they would like to play Red Light, Green Light.

While a Squid Game mini-game may be a good way for Tactics Royale to benchmark its platform, fans will now be eager to play the game. Having already been bitten once by Squid Game developers, the crypto community may prove more cautious this time around.

BSC News has reached out to the Tactics Royale team to request a delivery schedule for the “Red Light, Green Light” game which they confirm will be released this week.

A screencap of the Red Light, Green Light game (Source)

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