GameFi Project Demole Launches Fan Artwork Competition

The NFT game project Demole has launched a fan artwork competition with $1,000 in prizes to be won.

Fan Art

GameFi project Demole has launched a fan artwork competition to seek out the very best artists in their community. The competition is now open and runs through to November 22nd, 4pm UTC. A total of three winners will be selected with first prize-winner claiming $500, second claiming $300, and third place $200. All prizes will be paid in BUSD.

BSC News spoke exclusively with Logan Nguyen, Demole Founder to hear more about the competition as well as Demole’s upcoming plans for the rest of the year.

“As the world approaches a new era of Virtual Reality (VR) and the Metaverse, the Demole team is excited to launch the Demole Metaverse experience and shake up the GameFi industry in 2021,” said Nguyen. “Our first FanArt contest invites the community to bring the Demole monsters to life as reimagined by their own hand. We are as excited to see what they produce as our community is to experience the Demole Metaverse.”

To submit an entry users must also retweet this tweet and tag 3 friends.

The competition tweet (Source)

No Talent? No Problem

While the Demole art contest gives talented community members the opportunity to win prizes, those with little artistic inclination can instead content themselves with a new NFT staking pool. The pool launches November 11th and offers users the chance to earn more $DMLG token. Rewards are even greater for those lucky enough to have rare NFTs.

Can’t get enough Demole content? BSC News conducted an AMA with Demole on October 12th

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