GameFi Project Defina Launches DeFi Gaming App

The Defina app launches on November 29th, providing a fresh play to earn NFT gaming experience.

GameFi Project: Defina Finance

The Defina gaming project will launch its gaming app and open beta on November 29th. The beta launch of the game will offer users a chance to get to grips with the game mechanics. According to Defina, the beta version of the game will even allow players to play-to-earn.

Users must have four different heroes to start playing and can earn FINA, the game’s native token, for doing so.

“This open beta is available to the public and the accounts will not be deleted or wiped,” said Defina in a blog post on November 29th. “The main objective of this beta test is to stress test the game and give our community a chance to submit their bugs and suggestions for us to improve the game for you!”


Besides earning tokens through the gameplay, users will also have the opportunity to earn bug bounties. Defina has also stated that players with good suggestions for the improvement of gameplay will also receive rewards.

What is Defina Finance?

Defina Finance is a blockchain game that combines DeFi and NFTs. Players can buy or collect NFT mystery boxes to receive heroes and weapons. Players can also fight and enhance their champions, learning new skills in numerous game scenarios. Defina combines yield farming and earn abundant on-chain earnings with fun, strategic gaming. Defina’s vision is to bring blockchain to millions of players, allowing them to explore a new form of gaming. At Defina you can define your own destiny, conquer your enemies and earn FINA daily.

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