GameFi Project Brawltales Set for Launch

The up-and-coming BSC GameFi project is coming on strong as it prepares for launch.

Brawltales Stands Tall

With the rise of a new Web3 sector in GameFi, the play-to-earn world has garnered a wide range of audiences, resulting in multiple cryptocurrencies exceeding $1 billion market cap valuations. Brawltales emerged on the play-to-earn GameFi market, but with a greater core value: “Build to merge, connect to redefine”. 

What is Brawltales?

Brawltales is a roguelike PEP (Player vs Environment vs Player) blockchain-based mobile game where players can compete with friends or strangers and earn token rewards. Players are required to have both skill sets and in-depth strategic planning in order to outplay their opponents. The in-game token will be rewarded for their individual skills by winning the battles. 

Providing an enjoyable gaming experience is not the only aim of Brawltales. The project hopes to serve as a GameFi project that generates real income for its Non-Fungible Token (NFT) holders and players. TBrawltales integrates the elements of gaming, crypto, and NFT, creating a simple yet adrenaline-rushing gaming experience for the players along with a solid profit model. 

PEP (Player vs Environment vs Player)

Brawltales is a free-to-play PEP mobile game. Brawltales claims to be one of the pioneers to introduce this rather unfamiliar game mode. Most blockchain games currently fall under MOBA, PvP, and PvE. PEP as known as PvEvP is a game mode in which players will be given a 15-minute time limit to clear the Creatures in the arena that players will be assigned. 

There will be 6 players per round and each player will be assigned to their own dungeon. The first 3 players that successfully clear the Dungeons will be considered winners of the match. If the time limit is up and none of the players defeats the Creature, it will be considered a draw match and none of the players will get rewarded. 

Benefits of Genesis NFTs

Along with the official launch of Brawltales, 555 units of Genesis NFTs will be released. Brawltales is being introduced as a free-to-play gamefi, consequently, players will be given a free in-game basic character to experience the game. Logically, these NFTs will be equipped with individual unique abilities that will increase your win rate. 

The team considers Genesis NFT holders as important investors for Brawltales, coming out with plenty of benefits for Genesis NFT holders to ensure they will be benefited and satisfied. They have also included an element of surprise into this Genesis NFT minting. 

The first batch of NFT holders have the opportunity to earn more than the latecomers. Secondly, as a form of appreciation, Genesis NFT holders will be benefited and be rewarded during the special occasions. Genesis NFT holders will be directly invited to private sales which will be held in early June. In order to ensure Genesis NFT holders will get the most benefits, the token price that is being set for private sales will be the lowest. Genesis NFT holders will also get the privilege to be the first batch to try the game out. Last but not least, there will be a lucky draw for the Genesis NFT holders.  

Brawltales Vision 

As the trend in the current market, Brawltales noticed that each aspect of Web3, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and GameFi, has its own community. With the core value and motto ‘Build to merge, connect to redefine’, Brawltales seeks to link up all the communities and merge them as one. Aside from creating a platform that caters to everyday gamers and crypto enthusiasts, a main mission of the project is to connect these different groups of people. Brawltales is in the midst of collaborating with other NFT projects to do exactly that. 

By doing so, they claim to be able to reach out to the pure NFT investors to this rather new aspect in Web3, GameFi. They will also widely expose their GameFi project to the cryptocurrencies community. Partnering with them will bring gamefi and Brawltales to a higher position. 


After putting in significant time and effort, Brawltales has a well-planned roadmap, gameplay, tokenomics, and smart contract that will attract a wider range of audiences. Brawltales could become one of the prime blockchain-based GameFi with a comprehensive gaming experience and multiple earning chances. 

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