GameFi Project ArchLoot Uses Interactive NFT Gears: Why You Should Invest in UGC?

MAY 05, 2022, Singapore – NFTs have started to permeate pop culture in various ways. One of the most influential ones might be its combination with the 150 billion dollar business, the gaming industry.  Among the short-existing GameFi space, there is proven success and also quick demise. Gathering a team of over 30 members,  many of which are traditional gaming talents, the new project ArchLoot slid into this space from a different angle. 

By introducing a brand new interactive NFT technology, ArchLoot is now the first in the industry that enables instant user modification of NFTs –  making in-game assets upgradable, evolvable, with great potential across different ecosystems. 

I. Composable Avatars and Its UGC Potential

Avatars in the ArchLoot, monsters come in loot-style NFT parts. UGC elements are the single most unique part of the game. Gamers can freely assemble their monsters from a whole NFT directory, which includes the torso, head, upper limb, lower limb, and accessory. The torso is essential and has many more ill shapes that exceed your expectation, starting from which the rest can be chosen, adjusted, and attached. 

These NFTs can fall into 4 levels of a rarity — common, rare, epic, and legendary — corresponding to different attributes accordingly. Some of these parts also have separate special skills. 

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What this UGC gameplay means for gamers can be seen from two perspectives. Firstly, their autonomy over personal gaming data finally extends to a boundless creation environment. They have assets more than a static jpeg, but a ‘live’ part that its metadata can be changed and protected by a treasury contract. Building on that, secondly, gamers’ efforts/creations in the game now add value to NFT assets in a frictionless manner. Materials they use to enhance a part, and resources (including in-game gold and also tokens) they pooled into a part, are all redeemable in the marketplaces. 

II. Interactive NFTs in the Long Run 

How does a GameFi project achieve long-term growth? The reason this question is significant is that all the player-owned-economy mindset projects are adopting today rest on open marketplace trading economy principles at their core. It neglects the fundamentals of a game: quality and playability, which will achieve user retention and growth at the same time and bring high liquidity together with higher value.

Pairing token economics designed by crypto and financial professionals, ArchLoot has been prepared to sustain its growth model, and propel the NFT value proposition upwards. The game also introduces an earning entry rule, that is the hunting license. Only those who purchased a license will be vetted looters to reap token and NFT rewards. A management team overwatching the issuing of licenses and current market sentiment will decide whether to control the number of entries, therefore containing the inflation.

Although many new projects struggle at first to make sense of the markets and how to put their product in a position to flourish, the ArchLoot team has been determined since the beginning, that is to bring playability into the GameFi 2.0, and thrive with a UGC gameplay strategy. 

On June 10, ArchLoot will be rolling out its very first Blindbox sales on Binance NFT platform and keep its promise to the upholding community.

III. About ArchLoot

Launched in 2022, ArchLoot is an NFT-based UGC game with loot-style composability and playability. Built on BNB Chain, it provides the first interactive gameplay in the industry, which fully enables on-chain implementation of upgradeable characters/props NFTs and unleashes its potential for playability and user-generated content robustness. The game intends to build an ecosystem, including a great game and a creative community, that truly achieves a balance between playability, accessibility, and profitability. 

Gathering talents from the world’s leading gaming publisher, blockchain projects, and financial elites, the team now has over 30 experienced members and is currently operating across continents. 

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