GameAce Announces NFT Game Cartridge Release in Partnership With BakerySwap and BSCNews

GameAce introduces an NFT collection with a playable video game built into the NFT!

Standalone NFTs That You Can Play as Video Games

GameAce has recently introduced playable retro-styled game-based NFTs in collaboration with BSC.NewsCryptoDoggies, and BakerySwap

Games Ace’s first game-based NFT collection Doggies Moon Chase styled like Flappy Bird, is set to drop on September 6th, 2021 at 7:00 am UTC on BakerySwap. What makes these NFTs so unique, is that these particular NFTs have games built in them that can be played by the owner. 

“(The) World’s first NFTs that you can PLAY as standalone retro video games! Fully autonomous, distributed, unmodifiable, indestructible, forever yours. Playable only with a valid Cartridge NFT in your wallet. Cartridges are scarce: minted in low numbers,” GameAce writes on their new NFT project. 

The collective collaboration should be a fun event of nostalgic retro gaming for all parties involved.

Taken from GameAce’s Website: Shown above on the far left is Doggies Moon Chase, the first encompassed NFT video game which GameAce is offering |Source 

The playable NFT video games which are set to soon be released also come with built-in rarity elements, as each NFT video game comes with different combinations of features. For Doggies Moon Chase, these unique combinations will include: 

different rockets in the high score screen

different bagels collected

different sounds

different rocks

different intro text

different game over text

The more unique the features, the more valuable the NFT is. GameAce’s new game-based NFTs look to redefine what an NFT can be. The idea of retro-styled games that are forever yours, indestructible, and unmodifiable is powerful and very appealing. 

Even though they have yet to release their anticipated Doggies Moon Chase NFT game, GameAce has already teased their next game-based NFTs. 

Coming Soon: Elon Musk Inspired NFT Video Games

GameAce also plans to soon release two Elon Musk-inspired NFT video games. Very little information has been given on what the two games entail or what their play style will look like. 

Shown in the image below, the first game titled ‘Elon to the moon!’ shows Elon on a rocket heading to the moon, hinting at a spaceship-style retro game. Below that game is ‘Elon’s Moon Shootout’ which tells that Elon has landed on the moon, but must now defend it, in most likely a retro shooter fashion. 


How these games will look and what they play like is still unknown, as GameAce’s first collection (Doggies Moon Chase) has yet to be released. 

As news of these games spreads across and throughout the Decentralized Finance space, anticipation only grows. At a minimum, the question of how will a video game encompassed in an NFT work remains at the forefront of everyone’s mind. 

Hopefully, GameAce delivers on what could be a transformative shift in what constitutes an NFT. 

Where to find Alchemy Toys and GameAce:

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