Gambling Reaches the Crypto Metaverse Through Digital Horse Racing, Zed Run

Zed Run secures large funding and key gaming partnerships to propel itself down the track with big plans for virtual gaming.

Digitized Horse Racing Secures Funding

The Australian-based company Virtually Human Studio (VHS) has banked on the thrill of racehorse ownership and blockchain technology by securing over $20 million in recent funding. The company is set to build on its growing list of corporate and institutional partnerships.

VHS uses its virtual platform Zed Run to build a virtual horse racing universe for its users.With Zed Run, off-track betting will never end––just like crypto markets. The new Non-Fungible Token (NFT) gaming platform merges horse race betting with decentralized technology. 

“Unlike their real-life counterparts, ZED RUN’s racehorses aren’t bound by the limitations of the physical world. This means that horse racing is now a 24/7 sport,” CEO of VHS Chris Laurent said in the official Zed Run press release from July 21. “Our vision for the future is to build a creator economy within the Zed Run metaverse where players can work in professions such as stable owner, race track owner, breeder, accessory designer, and more,” he added.


How Does Zed Run Work?

Using “breathable” NFT technology, users can own, train, and bet on their very own horse. The virtual stable verse has real value too.

With just over 80,000 horses total, the horses and stables fetch high prices—over $125,000 for a horse and over $250,000 for a whole stable. The real value use cases have brought investors over with several avenues of development. 

One of the leading partners in the funding is TCG, a multi-stage investment firm, and TCG Vice President Jacob Smilovitz conveyed the firm’s excitement in the press release:

 “What the team at [VHS] is building fundamentally alters what it means to be a fan. Fans are now empowered to come down from the bleachers, become owners themselves, and play an active role in determining the outcome of the game,” Smilovitz said.


Corporate and Institutional Collaborations 

Zed Run and VHS have created a product that is undoubtedly looking to draw even more fans and users with the recent round of funding. Names like TCG, Atari, Andressen-Horowitz, and Stella Artois top a list of recent partnerships. 

“We are also working to partner closely with brands to produce immersive sponsorship experiences, such as our recent collaborations with The Preakness, Stella Artois, and Atari,” said Laurent from VHS.

Arianna Simpson, General Partner at a16z crypto, a subsidiary of Andressen-Horowitz, sees ample opportunities for investors as well. 

Simpson was also quoted in the press release: “Gaming has the potential to bring billions of people into crypto for the first time which is why it’s such an important and innovative category in the space.”

The work they have accomplished proves the incredible potential for gaming, and NFTs and corporate eyes have begun to pay attention as well.

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