Galaxy Heroes X, a Play-to-Earn Game

A Play-to-Earn game powered by the $GHC token plus Heroes and Villain NFTs on Binance Smart Chain.

What is Galaxy Heroes X? 

Galaxy Heroes X is a Play-to-Earn P2E meta-universe game built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The new Non-fungible Token (NFT) game is one of the innovative products of the Galaxy Heroes superhero-based NFT protocol. 

The game allows players to use their Heroes or Villains NFTs to challenge various monsters, upgrade to higher levels, and collect more equipment. The game’s ultimate goal is the mouthwatering reward of $1 million. First, however, players will need to challenge the final boss to grab the ultimate prize. 

Players’ funds are invested in the Galaxy Heroes X treasure vault, and whoever succeeds in every challenge, defeating the final boss, will win the ultimate prize. Interestingly, the final boss is reborn after every defeat but with even more power. Therefore players face a huge test challenging the final boss upon every rebirth. 

In contrast, the treasure vault does not close but keeps accumulating and rewards the next person who unlocks it. 

The Galaxy Heroes X P2E game will launch on 30th December 2021. 

Galaxy Heroes X game 

GHX Heroes 

GXH Heroes are the native NFTs that drive the P2E GameFi ecosystem. They exist as blind boxes and can be purchased using the Galaxy Heroes’ $GHC token. Each Hero or Villain will be of different classes with various attributes and skillsets. The higher the level in the game, the more rewards users will earn. 

Users are also limited to 5 blind boxes per day. So essentially, their wallets must not purchase more than five blind boxes in 24 hours. 

How to Play? 

It is straightforward to play the Galaxy Heroes X game. In just three steps, any user can enter to participate and enjoy one of the best gaming experiences on BSC. Here is how to play the superhero-based game:

First, make sure you have a BSC wallet. 

Ensure that you have $BNB to cover gas fees on your wallet, including $GHC to purchase Heroes and Villains NFTs. 

Collect your Heroes and Villains to start playing and earning. 

The Galaxy Heroes Coin (GHC) 

The $GHC token powers the Galaxy Heroes ecosystem. The utility token drives the protocol’s core features like staking farms, NFT, and NFT marketplace, plus an ETH bridge (Cross Chain). With over 55K holders and a current market value of $40,000,000, $GHC is bullish on BSC. 

Since its launch in October, $GHC has been listed on over 26 Centralized Exchanges (CEX), including Hotbit, BitForex, Bkex, and many other top CEXes. In addition, Galaxy Heroes aims to be listed on Coinbase and Binance in the future. 

The Galaxy Heroes Ecosystem

As stated earlier, Galaxy Heroes X is one of the numerous innovations on the superhero-based NFT GameFi protocol, powered by $GHC. Below is a summary of the other unique products on Galaxy Heroes. 

Galaxy NFT and Marketplace

Following the first drop of 2,500 Galaxy Heroes NFTs, Galaxy Heroes have already launched 2,500 Villain NFTs. The protocol launched the Villain NFTs on November 30th at 9 PM EST. Holders receive royalties in $BNB from transactions on the Galaxy NFT marketplace after staking. The Galaxy NFT marketplace is now live for trading GHC NFTs. The project founder aspires to keep building this into one of the best NFT marketplace on the BSC. In future the team plans to revamp and take the marketplace to the public, allowing anyone to list and trade their NFTs.

Staking and Swapping 

Galaxy Swap is the protocol’s exchange feature to trade tokens instantly. The staking feature–Galaxy Stake allows users to stake $GHC and farm tokens in numerous pools with high Annual Percentage Rates (APR). Galaxy Stake offers users several staking options. For example, holders of the $GHC token can choose single or dual-token staking to farm the Galaxy Heroes Earn (GHE) token. The $GHE token is the users’ reward token on the Galaxy Heroes X game. 

Cross-Chain ETH Bridge 

Galaxy Heroes launched its Ethereum bridge on November 15th after it passed the Dessert Finance audit. 

Final Thoughts 

Galaxy Heroes Coin was introduced as a community-driven token geared towards superhero enthusiasts. However, the token has evolved to offer several use-cases on the protocol’s ecosystem, including the highly anticipated Galaxy Heroes X game. With this in mind, we look forward to a successful launch and an entertaining gaming experience on Binance Smart Chain as users battle to earn rewards. 

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