Galaxy Heroes Coin – Superheroes on the Blockchain

Galaxy Heroes Coin is a superhero-based cryptocurrency built on Binance Smart Chain, offering users the license to utilize Galaxy Heroes’ unique products.

Introducing Galaxy Heroes 

Galaxy Heroes is a superhero-based gaming and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) protocol built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 

Since its inception in October, the protocol has bridged to the Ethereum network to reach out to many investors while offering users one of the best experiences in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry. 

The NFT GameFi platform also plans to bridge the Solana and Cardano network in the future. With this in mind, users will be able to perform numerous tasks based on the unique features of the GHC ecosystem, including its Non-fungible Token (NFT) marketplace, staking, gaming, and more, across various chains. 

The Galaxy Heroes Coin 

Galaxy Heroes Coin ($GHC) is the native cryptocurrency of the superhero-based project. The token is community-driven towards superhero enthusiasts worldwide. GHC utilizes the BSC network due to its low transaction fees, making it possible for everyone to execute trades at cheap rates. 

The $GHC token is listed on over fifteen top Centralized Exchanges (CEX)  like Hotbit, BitMart, Bkex, etc. According to the project’s Roadmap, the token will list on Binance and Coinbase in the future. 

GHC List of Exchanges 

The Galaxy Heroes Ecosystem

The Galaxy Heroes Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is the unique product offered by the platform. The DEX offers users all the features stated above. In addition, users can swap tokens, add liquidity to the DEX to receive Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens, stake and farm their favorite cryptocurrencies, and participate in live NFT auctions via the NFT marketplace. 

The protocol offers users 2,500 unique Galaxy Heroes NFTs, and their Galaxy Heroes Combat is under development. Galaxy Heroes Combat will be an application-based Player vs. Player (PvP) game on the NFT GameFi platform. Below is a summary of the protocol’s ecosystem: 

Galaxy Swap: This is the Galaxy Heroes exchange feature that allows users to trade tokens instantly. 

Galaxy Stake: On Galaxy Stake, users can stake $GHC and farm tokens in numerous pools with high Annual Percentage Rates (APR). GHC’s staking farm with its high APRs allows users to stake in several ways. Holders can now choose single or dual-token staking to farm the Galaxy Heroes Earn (GHE) token. $GHE is the protocol’s reward token that users earn through playing the Galaxy Play-to-Earn game. 

Galaxy NFT and Marketplace: The first launch consists of 2,500 Galaxy Heroes NFTs. Users can obtain these unique NFT collections by participating in auctions on the Galaxy NFT marketplace. The 2,500 Galaxy Villain NFTs are launching November 30th at 9:00 PM EST. Soon after anyone who stakes their Galaxy Heroes or Villain NFTs will be able to get royalties in $BNB from transactions on the Galaxy NFT Marketplace.

Galaxy Heroes Combat: The protocol plans to launch its PvP game in the future to add more utility to its fast-rising ecosystem. 

Cross-Chain Bridge: The protocol’s Ethereum bridge has passed the audit by Dessert Finance, and was officially launched on November 15th. Solana and Cardano Bridges are also in the works. 

Galaxy Heroes Coin utilities 

Galaxy Heroes Earn Token 

The GHE token is the protocol’s exclusive in-game NFT currency for future GameFi games. The token can also be exchanged via the GHC exchange and earned by staking $GHC for $GHE. In short, $GHE is the protocol’s rewards token. The GameFi platform tweeted about the token on November 21st. 

“What is Galaxy Heroes Earn (GHE). Earnable token (can’t be bought), In game currency for our P2E gamefi games, Exclusive NFT currency, Sellable and tradeable,” the tweet read. 

As stated earlier, users can start earning the $GHE token before their game is launched by staking $GHC as stated earlier. 

Notable Achievements

Since launching on October 1st, the $GHC has seen significant growth in the NFT space. The token was listed on CoinMarketCap just three days after launch. The token’s smart contract code is also audited by Certik and has over 40K holders. 

The GHC token has been on an incredible run, listing on numerous exchanges. The protocol has burned 6.5% of its total supply, and over 4,000 BNB has been contributed in buybacks. Moving forward, GHC will list on other CEXes like Binance, Kucoin,, Huobi, and amongst others. 

Moving Forward 

Galaxy Heroes Coin aspires to become the largest NFT marketplace on BSC. The protocol’s first phase focuses on creating superhero NFTs, GameFi, and NFT marketplace, with the view of one day sponsoring Elon Musk’s SpaceX research development. 

The protocol’s ultimate goal is to collaborate with Marvel Studios on NFT projects and film production as they look to expand in the NFT GameFi industry. 

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