Galaxy Finance – Next-Generation Web3 Wallet

With social and educational elements, Galaxy Finance seeks to empower people with transparent, permissionless, and efficient financial services.

Introducing Galaxy Finance

Galaxy Finance is a next-generation, non-custodial Web3 wallet and financial services hub. The project leverages social and educational aspects to create a user-friendly environment for financial transactions.

Galaxy Finance is powered by the $GLF token, the main governance token of the platform. The token will be used as the only governance token for Galaxy Finance products. Users can earn $GLF through farming and staking or buy it on exchanges.


Galaxy Finance Features

  • User-friendly non-custodial wallet and financial hub.
  • Educational charts and information for users.
  • Learn-and-earn rewards.
  • SocialFi elements including digital avatar and social platform.
  • Cross-chain access.
  • GalaxyDEX.
  • Much more!

The Galaxy Finance Mission

Galaxy Finance seeks to integrate companies, employees, and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem. The project believes that by creating a transparent and social environment for these relationships, cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies will be able to spread across the globe, reaching more users than ever before.

Galaxy Finance is particularly targeting users in Southeast Asia, where the demand for digital payment solutions continues to grow compared to other locations. According to Galaxy Finance’s pitch deck, 64% of Southeast Asians have expressed interest in using crypto for payments, creating a strong potential market.

Why Use Galaxy Finance and Social Web3?

Blockchain wallets are the interface people use to interact with the blockchain, allowing users to store assets, perform transactions, and engage in on-chain activities. Wallets are an integral part of the blockchain ecosystem and, as such, need to be as user-friendly and intuitive as possible.

Galaxy Finance offers users a unique platform to manage their finances that emphasizes education and social interaction in an interoperable Web3 setting – all while maintaining user-friendliness, intuitiveness, and, most importantly, private key safety. Users can store all their assets in one app, track and manage their existing wallets in a single location, and exchange their local currency for digital assets. Galaxy Finance allows users to access a variety of networks in a single app, while GalaxyDEX serves as a single point of access to a significant number of DEXes.

Social Web3

Web3 as a concept is all about improving financial freedom and society, and Social Web3 is a natural evolution of these core values.

Galaxy Finance Roadmap

The Galaxy Finance roadmap includes a variety of new tools and features slated for integration. Below is an overview of the project’s future plans:

Q2 / 2022


  • Community Building.


  • Market Research.
  • GalaxyDEX Beta Test.
  • DeFi product audit.



  • 150k community members.
  • 25k holders.


  • GalaxyDEX v1 launch



  • Partnership expansion
  • CEX listing


  • GalaxyDEX v2 release
  • Mobile Wallet Beta test

Q1 / 2023


  • Ecosystem expansion
  • Integration with X-Fi products
  • SEA Ambassador Program


  • GalaxyDEX v3 multichain supported
  • Mobile Wallet launch
  • Wallet integration
  • Wallet API release

Q2 / 2023


  • NFT Aggregator partners
  • 200k ecosystem users


  • GalaxyDEX v4 aggregator and cross-chain.
  • GalaxyStarter launch.
  • NFT Marketplace.

Q3 / 2023


  • Merchant expansion.
  • 20k POS.


  • Education feature launch.
  • Crypto Payment.
  • Mobile Wallet v2.

Q4 / 2023


  • $5m TVL.
  • $500k Lending Vault.


  • Lending protocol.

Q1 / 2024


  • Social integration.
  • 100k DAU.


  • Web3 Social launch.
  • Mobile Wallet v3.

Concluding Thoughts

Galaxy Finance is working towards a future of financial freedom. As a wallet, Galaxy Finance will be the first point of connection for users and blockchains, giving them importance in the industry. Their desire is to make things easy for users; whether you are mining liquidity, trading NFTs, or playing blockchain games, Galaxy Finance seeks to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Where to find Galaxy Finance:

Website Twitter Telegram

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