Galagos NFTs Set for Mint March 25

The Galgos NFT project is preparing to mint with a purpose of donating funds to support real Galgos dogs.

Galgos Dogs NFTs Minting

The Galgos NFT project is building on BNB Chain with a practical use-case and is set to launch later this week on March 25.

The Galgos NFT team has been slowly building a presence by appearing in different Twitter Spaces, including a Spanish language event participated in by your author. The project is a collection of 6,767 NFT Galgos dogs (Galgos are a Spanish breed similar to Greyhounds) where the NFT revenus will all go to helping a real Galgos in need.

“Galgos Club is so much more than a unique pixel art collection. When you adopt a Galgos NFT, you will not only get a unique, exciting piece of digital art, but you will be helping real galgos in-need,” read the project’s website


The NFT scene on BNB Chain is heating up as of late. Projects like Galgos with real use case related to the salvation and protection of Galgos canines. At just 25% minted, the project expects to donate its first $6,767, which it expects to do after each 25% with the ultimate goal of completing donations from the treasury wallet. Dog lovers should keep an eye out for this project?

What is Galgos NFT:

Galgos Club NFT is a collection of 6,767 unique galgos dogs running and playing on the BNB Smart Chain. Longing to be adopted by an owner, each Galgo is randomly-generated from more than 300 eye-catching—and always unique—traits. The collection also features 30+ custom hand-crafted NFTs. A portion of funds from this collection will go to supporting real galgos through real-world partnerships. Unfortunately, galgos are one of the most abused dog breeds in the world and are in need of assistance, that’s where we come in.

Where to find Galgos NFTs:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | 

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