Gala Games Partners With Epic for Blockchain GameFi

GRIT will be the first NFT game present in Epic Game’s marketplace.

Epic GameFi Partnership

Gala Games confirmed a partnership with Epic Games to launch its first blockchain game.

At the start of ‘Into the Galaverse’ held in Malta over June 6-8, Gala Games confirmed the launch of GRIT, a Wild West battle royale game developed for PC. John W. Osvald, Robotron at Gala Games, believes that the first NFT and blockchain game to be part of Epic Game’s platform is set to take on the world. 

“This is a game that was love at first sight for us at Gala Games,” Osvold said during his segment of the Galaverse event. “The moment we played it we knew we had to have it on our platform. And I am happy to announce that we were not the only ones [to fall in love with it]. Grit is going to be one of the very first [blockchain] games on the Epic Games Store.”

The move is a complete turnaround from how Steam, a big competitor of Epic Games, chose to handle NFT games. Grit will play a crucial role in the adoption of blockchain games by traditional gamers on Epic’s platform. The first 10,000 character NFTs are for sale at around 0.3 ETH as loot boxes on the Gala Games platform. Land ownership, collectibles, and skins will be integrated in the future.

Source: GRIT Press Kit

What is Gala Games

Gala Games is a Web3 games company that uses decentralization, player ownership and reward economies to create a revolutionary new way of gaming. With dozens of games on the horizon and several already in various stages of presale or beta play, Gala is quickly becoming a world leader in own-your-experience gaming. 

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