GAINS Associates – World’s First Decentralized VC

Along with tantalizing investment opportunities, GAINS offers promotional events, project AMAs, and educational content through its multifaceted platform.

Introducing GAINS Associates

GAINS (which stands for Group Action Is Never Small) Associates is the first fully decentralized Venture Capital (VC) in cryptocurrency. GAINS was founded by a group of friends who started taking an interest in Bitcoin back in 2017, before Decentralized Finance (DeFi) had begun to fully develop. 

The main focus of GAINS is to provide an easy-access platform to connect start-up projects with investors. The project has raised millions of dollars for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) for a variety of projects. 

GAINS provides educational content in the form of daily news, interviews with industry executives, project insights, along with special investing deals for their community. GAINS is powered by the $GAINS token, an ERC-20 token.

GAINS Key Features

The GAINS Associates ecosystem is composed of a variety of features for their community to enjoy. 


GAINS offers unique investment opportunities to registered members and $GAINS holders, giving them a chance to potentially multiply their investment significantly by investing in a curated selection of investment pools. These deals have often given returns of upwards of 30 times the original investment. 


In addition to offering the investment pools, GAINS will also promote projects through events. These events include AMAs with projects as well as quizzes on their features. Participating community members can earn rewards from these events, which serve as a more personalized introduction to the projects GAINS is supporting.


GAINS has a widespread active community on their Telegram and Discord channels. Users can discuss upcoming pools, investment strategies, and general crypto knowledge with experienced community members.

News and Project Insights

On their Medium blog, GAINS posts educational content for users to encourage learning, as well as recaps for conferences and yearly milestones for the company. Users can also find the transcripts from the AMAs the platform hosts on their Telegram, allowing them to learn about the projects even if they weren’t able to directly participate in the AMA.  In the GAINS Crypto News channel users have access to daily synthetic reports of the latest crypto news.

Track Record

GAINS has a proven track record when it comes to their investment opportunities. Hashgraph, Avalanche, Bloktopia and Quant are some of the most notable projects. All of these projects have landed in the top 50 in terms of market capitalization, with Avalanche in particular seeing incredible returns for users.

Other notable projects that have had deals through GAINS include: LABS Group; Persistence;; XEND Finance; Public Mint; Mantra DAO; Bridge Mutual; Cellframe; Kylin Network; and Jigstack

Private Sale Access Platform on BSC

In an effort to reach an even wider investor list, GAINS is launching a platform for private sales on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The platform consists of features like quizzes on crypto, a portfolio index, and other features to be revealed at a later date by the company. While the initial launch is on BSC, GAINS plans to make the platform cross-chain compatible as well – reaching an even wider audience of projects and investors.

Stay tuned to the GAINS social platforms to learn more about this exciting new development – the token is now officially live on BSC as well!

NFT Drops

As a celebration of their launch on BSC, the GAINS team is holding a series of NFT drops throughout the month of November. The first was held on November first through a partnership with

More drops will be announced by the team as the month progresses.

BSC-ETH Bridge Through AnySwap

The GAINS team has bigger plans than just launching on BSC, however. The team has revealed they are partnering with AnySwap to create an Ethereum-BSC bridge for the GAINS platform. The bridge will make it cheaper to buy $GAINS on PancakeSwap thanks to the significantly lower fees on BSC. Along with lower fees, the token will have greater exposure due to being cross-chain, pulling from a far larger pool of investors. 

Considering the power that cross-chain interoperability gives to projects, this partnership serves GAINS extremely well. The team plans to eventually have the platform operational on BSC, Ethereum, and Polygon in the future.

Concluding Thoughts

GAINS is building a DeFi ecosystem that seeks to empower both investors and developers. Their approach to ICO offerings and associated events gives investors a chance to interact with developers, fostering an environment of back-and-forth communication. Their social media channels are brimming with useful knowledge and advice from both their community and their synthetic news feed on Telegram. 

Whether you are a newbie to investing and need help getting started, a developer looking for a place to make connections, or simply like access to a variety of crypto knowledge, GAINS has something for you to enjoy.

To learn more about GAINS Associates, visit the following links:


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